West Bengal- Fourth Most Populous State

West Bengal

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On 27th June, Congress and the Left Front walked out of the West Bengal Assembly over the decision of not allowing discussion on price rise in the Business Advisory Committee meet. Abdul Mannan, leader of Opposition claimed that opposition parties wanted a discussion on price rise issue, but the government was reluctant to allow them to speak. He further stated, henceforth, Congress would "think twice" before attending All-Party and Business Advisory Committee meetings.

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West Bengal- Fourth Most Populous State

The state of West Bengal is located in the eastern part of the country and ranks at sixth position in the contribution to the nation’s net domestic product. It is a land with rich geographical surroundings and Sundarbans which is the mangrove forest in the world is in the southern part of the state. Traditional classical music and dance forms are the soul of the state that reflects the culture and the lifestyle of the people.

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West Bengal is a hub of various tourist destinations and is the most compelling holiday place to keep you in touch with the culture of your land. The state of West Bengal boasts of its rich cultural heritage that inspires tourists around the globe to visit India again and again.