Uttarakhand ‘Army and Education Centre


Uttarakhand ‘Army and Education Centre

Uttarakhand is a magnificent state is famous for its education center and Army Cantt, the first engineering college in India is done by English colonial rule of the establishment of Roorkee Engineering College, which was initially meant for only training classes for the local people in civil engineering due to the works on the Upper Ganga river Canal. Later Roorkee Engineering College was one and only college in the year of 1847 which was officially constituted. The famous collage was renamed 'Thomason College of Civil Engineering' after Sir James Thomason who was the Lt. Governor of the North Western Province. He was behind the establishment of the college, which was later improved to be known as one of the IITs, IITRoorkee.

Uttarakhand ‘Heavy snowfall, as rain bring down the temperatures’

The higher mountains reaches of the Himalayan ranges in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of the Uttarakhand experienced year fresh snowfall on January 06 even as the incessant rain coupled with ice lashed winds hits the state and causing plains the mercury to drop sharply. A most number of places situated above 2,000 m high altitude in both the Garhwal and Kumaon and regions of the state have received a fresh snowfall, including Mussoorie and Nainital while it has rained in most of the places in the plains. The mountain peaks Mussoorie and Dhanolti covered under the white sheets while the famous Chardham, the four holy Hindu shrines, are chocked by block of snow. Snowfall in the high hilly area and showers in plains region of state has intensified cold conditions across the state with people at many places seen sitting around bonfires to warm themselves.

India Today and Axis Opinion Poll BJP ahead in Uttarakhand assembly poll in direct fight with Congress

Among the election poll in five states going to in February and March, Uttarakhand is the only state where there is a direct clash between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress. The Congress trying hard to win the state election poll to provide some impetus to its 2019 campaign. On the other hand, the BJP would aim to dethrone the Harish Rawat government for its winning streak to continue.The India Today-Axis Opinion Poll shows that the Congress will find it tough to retain power in this hilly state. The opinion poll has given BJP 41-46 seats in the 70-seat Assembly. The Congress 18-23 seats while others could get 2-6 seats.

‘Uttarakhand Forest Department failed in curb poaching’

As it happened earlier, the state forest department was caught unaware of wild animals poaching in state under its nose, recently in Pithoragarh Special Task Force of Police department caught some local accused with five leopard skins and about this the state division of forest had no clue.
It must be noticed that the state and union government had increased the annual budget for the forest department and its intelligence from a lakh a year to twenty five lakh last year. This quantum jump was taken to defame the state forest department and strengthen their informer network with whom they reward sum amount of money from their 'secret fund.

Uttarakhand election All eyes stuck on Mussoorie as rumor arises CM may contest election from this constituency

All eyes stuck on Mussoorie as rumor following that Chief Minister Mr. Harish Rawat may go to contest the upcoming Assembly election from this constituency, but the doubt is that the BJP will give a ticket to sitting MLA Ganesh Joshi to fight from Mussoorie due to the past year incidents of beating Shaktiman horse, and its death later. This has created suspense and curiosity among voters that are keenly awaiting the parties to declare their candidates.

‘Harish Rawat sting operation case ‘Nainital High Court to hear matters on Feb. 13’

The Nainital High Court will hear the matter of state Chief Minister Harish Rawat who is presently embroiled in bribery sting operation CD case on february 13, as the Rawat say the CD was a fake and male fide, as opposition trying to sullying his reputation in upcoming election polls.

Did you know?

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences(ARIES)is one of the leading research Institutes which specializes in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences. An autonomous body under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the institute is situated at Manora Peak (6,401 ft), about 9 km from Nainital. With the creation of the State of Uttarakhand on 9 Nov 2000, this institute was re-christened as the State Observatory (SO).