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On 30th June, the ‘non-acceptance’ to the Seventh Central Pay Commission's recommendations by the employees of Confederation of Central Government was said. It was done keeping in mind the present situation of the economy. They said that the proposed hike in such prevailing situations is not acceptable.

Meenakshi Temple

Tamil Nadu- Heart of the Dravidian Civilisation

The Land of Tamils is here to offer you the world’s best attractions, Temple gopurams, the strains of classical music, reverberating dance and ancient sites. Apart from the scenic beauty, the culture of the state showcases the lifestyle of the people there which make the state famous among the visitors. Well, we can say that the ancient culture of Tamil Nadu greets you at every turn of your head.

Free Rice to Mosques (2 June)

During the holy month of Ramazan, it was ordered by the government of Tamil Nadu to supply offer free of cost rice to the people across the state for the preparation of the porridge. It was Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa that the distribution of 4,600 tonnes of rice to about 3,000 mosques was issued.

free rice

Efforts to save state’s Money (2 June)

The 100 units of free power by the state government were declined by the small scale tailor in Tamil Nadu by saying that he can pay his power bill. He was shown a way to other to be Richie –Rich. He has done this to save the state’s money and hoped that the rich people who are using the state’s subsidies will do the same to contribute to the growth of the state.

Distribution of School Kit (3 June)

The free text and note books and uniforms were distributed to the students by the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa of Tamil Nadu. She has provided these services to the government and state-aided schools for the academic year of 2016-2017. Earlier, in Chennai at the Secretariat, she has distributed text, note books and uniforms to students. The scheme is beneficial for the students under government and state schools.


Birthday Message for the young by Karunanidhi (10 June)

Well, on 10th June the DMK boss M Karunanidhi has turned 93 and have a message to the youth of the state to make the state free from corruption and to redeem the four pillars of the democracy. In his speech he said, there is a need that the youth of the state should make sacrifices to uplift the standard of the state.

69 hours Yoga for Guinness Record (16 June)

With an aim to set a Guinness Record, a teacher from the state of Tamil Nadu has set a new record by performing a Yoga continuously for a time period 69 hours. He concluded it on the International Yoga Day. V Gunasekaran due to his act was named ‘The Longest Yoga Marathon’. He has broken the earlier record set by a team in China for a period of 45 hours. Earlier he has also won Elite World record and Unique World Record for doing Yoga asanas for 43 hours.

V Gunasekaran

Plan to add 16,000 MW in 5 years (16 June)

The planning has been done by the government of Tamil Nadu That within the coming 5 years they will add the new thermal power generation capacity of 3,000 MW and 3,000 MW of solar power. Moreover, it was said by the Governor K Rosaiah, in order to augment its resources the government will frame a new granite policy and will undertake the sale of beach minerals.

Villages Liked to Nobel Laureates (18 June)

It is said by the officials of Microsense India, that the two small villages of Tamil Nadu will be networked by Wi-Fi Hotspots. Well, it is stated that the villages are linked to the Nobel Laureates named CV Raman & Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. The star hotels, residential apartment and complexes were provided Wi-fi connectivity moreover, the June 20 was declared as a Wi-Fi day.


"Sathyabamasa" by Chennai's Sathyabama University (23 June)

It was a moment of proud for the state when the Sathyabama University of Chennai has built a satellite named ‘Sathyabamasa’. This satellite weights 1.5 Kilo and is built with an aim to collect data on greenhouse gases. The ISRO’s PSLV rocket has launched 20 satellites and successfully orbiting the earth. Well, the hard work of the college students paved and they developed a satellite in tandem with ISRO team.

The Jaw dropping tourist attractions of the state!

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