South region “Sweet region like Payasam”

“Sweet region like Payasam”

South region of India is considered as the Dravidian tradition with immensely rich spirit. It is a region with many spoken languages along with faster economy growth rate. As it includes 5 major states: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala along with beautiful union territories Lakshadweep. The region is covered with the wide diversity of plants and animals. The world view of south India is especially known to be celebration of the eternal universe along with celebration of beauty of body, motherhood etc. the attractive mountains, amazing rivers and waterfall, beautiful shrines temples, traditional sarees, Carnatic music, festivals and the cuisines make the region more affectionate for the tourist to visit at least once. Let’s have a round of upcoming events going to held on this side of India

Rambo Circus (8th -26th February)

Rambo circus is bringing the award-winning circus across the globe with many unique attractions to boost the public excitement. The full family entertainment program Inc with spellbinding, feats, performed by traditional Indian artists. Even the circus stalwarts from countries like Uzbekistan, Nepal, Ethiopia, and Colombia are also taking part in this. The special sounds with super talented 150 artistes are here to hold your day and fill with full zeal of enthusiasm. The venue is 3rd Cross, Upparahalli Main Road, Upparhalli, Tumakuru (Tumkur), Karnataka. Book your tickets now!

3D painting workshop (12th February)

Make Your Own 3D Printer! As day by day, the popularity and awareness of 3D-printing are exploding with the rocket speed. Try making your own 3D painting to learn future technologies for career growth and Business growth. It will also provide freedom in manufacturing for special school and college students/teachers to transform as the Young scientist. The attractive part is either you are teachers, architecture, engineers, dentists, entrepreneurs, product designers or tech enthusiasts, anybody can attend. It has 2 levels i.e Designer Level: 3D Modelling and 3D Scanning which will be Compulsory and Maker Level: Making your own 3D Printer Hands on which will be optional. You just have to bring your laptops. Walk in for free hands-on the painting which you can take back to your home. The venue is Hyderabad.
Islamic College Ground: Warangal .

Hyderabad Premier league (13th February)

cricket is the best encouraging game to play, watch and spend time with one another. Here is the Hyderabad premier league (HPL or HPLT20) is waiting to hold an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament which will be going to be held in the Hyderabad. This will be the first edition of HPL especially for students in Hyderabad and Telangana Districts. The main aim of this league is to show out young talents in the district. This host is powered by Elyuxen Student newspaper Elyuxen Student newspaper and this is part of Hyderabad fest.10 teams or 10 Franchises which are sponsored by 10 companies will be participating in League. Performance matches will start from soon where the player performance will be examined and submitted to Franchises. Even the player’s documents will be highly secured high-end security data management system which is supported by Google. There will be 3 rounds. The venue is LB Stadium. Join or encourage participates which are putting their hard efforts to give back their talent to India.

The Silent/ Diaries Saturday (18th Feb 2017 -19th Feb)

when I have talked to anyone last time? When last time I spoke to myself? Have you ever think these kinds of questions? While we are busy fighting the battle of daily life, we forget you. Sometimes it feels like to share a story without fear of getting judged and questioned. Spend a night with these likeminded people to share your silent secrets from the silent diaries of your heart. Here, is a workshop for all us to make our heart feel lighter by sharing our secrets. The event includes reporting of the farm, community cooking, conversation under sky expecting an open conversation with free and safe environment. This farm is far away from loud music, electricity and lavish bed. You just need to bring the sleeping mat, books or instrument; camping tents etc. attend a silent workshop to bring the new endeavour to your life. The farm is situated in Hyderabad,Chevella Road, Hyderabad, Telangana, India