Sikkim- ‘Soothing to the Soul’


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On 27th June, despite of getting PM’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration in 2013 for rural management and development and many other attractions, the state of Sikkim is still trying hard to get recognition for its achievements. There is no area where the state has not made its marks whether it’s sanitation, beauty, poverty reduction and more. After all this, Sikkim is crying to get the national attention.

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Sikkim- ‘Soothing to the Soul’

The culture, traditions, diverse heritage are the most popular attractions of the state that revive you on your visit. The state is enriched with the beauty of refreshing and energetic sights that are immensely popular. Here, you can live your travel dream by visiting the various giant statutes, monuments and hills of the state.


The Goechala trek one of the admired treks which adds charm to your journey. It was planned from Yuksom and joined the conventional Dzongri Goechala pass trek where the dzongri ridge is really a gorgeous and full of exciting activities. The splendid sight of the hills and mountains of Kabru & Kanchenjunga offered an amazing experience. Being famous for its orchid’s flower garland the Goechala trek & Sikkim offer the variety of adventures.


Come to teach children in Gangtok (16 June)

The people who are passionate towards teaching have joined Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim, (ECOSS), a non-profit organisation which works with an aim to achieve a mission of sustainability and conservation in the state. With the support from UNESCO, the ECOSS has been involved in establishing the Sikkim Himalayan Homestay. The nature of volunteer’s opportunities for English teaching to develop the skills and capacities of the local communities.

Hoppo To Sikkim (June 12)

In Gangtok India, an event was organised to help you explore the pristine lakes, cool climate, amazing flower valleys and authentic homestays of Sikkim. The trip was planned which was the combination of adventure, leisure and culture. It lasted from 12th June -20th June and it costs 27,995. The breathtaking sights and adventures were out of the world. It was the ultimate experience for the nature lovers and moments were kept to cherish the lifetime.

Hoppo To Sikkim

Sikkim economy under pressure (28 June)

This most popular state of India these days is facing problems due to the climatic conditions. The onset of monsoon has affected the state’s economy. There are a number of issues along with the NH31A that are causing the major conundrums.

Sikkim Food Festival (June 28)

With an aim to promote the culinary skills of the Sikkim state, the most famous Sikkim food festival was organised. The Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shriniwas Patil in Gangtok, has inaugurated the event and it was attended by many from the different parts of the world. It was a five-day food festival for the true food lovers where cuisines from all over the country along with delicacies like tea momos, Irish Popper, Thukpa, vegetable lasagne were presented.

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Sikkim State Directorate of Ecotourism (25th June)

On the basis of the codes and procedures related to the functioning of the Directorate, the organisational manual was laid on the Sikkim State Directorate of Ecotourism. It covers various aspects of the ENVIS Centre Sikkim such the objectives, structure, roles and responsibilities of the various organisational positions which are synced to the fulfilment of the organisational objectives. It provides the guidelines and instructions to keep the work of the organisation run smoothly.


The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri Pawan Chamling has released a special edition of ENVIS Newsletter which is titled as ‘PANDA’ Vol 8. This was on the occasion of the State-level celebration of the World Environment day at Managn, North Sikkim.

Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa

In the remembrance of the Lord Buddha, the day was celebrated in the state of Sikkim by the people to commemorate the birth, death, and nirvana of the Lord. Well, the day is considered to be the holiest day for Mahayana Buddhist. People visited the monastery on this day with a belief to get the blessings from the Lord. To make the event memorable thousands of devotees thronged the streets in Gangtok.

Explore places in Sikkim that will leave you Spellbound!!

The panoramic view of the Himalayan Beauty in the Sikkim will make your jaw drop. There are a number of most visited travel destinations that offers peaceful and calm atmosphere to make you feel the nature. Here, you can experience a unique shopping experience because that state has many traditional and modern crafts that you love to buy. Plan your trip today!