Rally For Rivers- Save Water, Save Life!

Water is life; we all know this fact very well. And we all are also aware of how human in several parts of the world is struggling for water every day. The day is not very far when we all will face the same struggle for fresh water. The present scenario of availability of water on earth is actually depicting our future in the dark. Here are some stats below that have been shared by “Rally for Rivers”.

  • Today we have 75% less water per person as compare to year 1947.
  • 25 % of India is turning into desert.
  • By 2030 we will have just 50% of water we need for survival.

These stats are enough to understand that what we are going to face soon. Why this has happened? What are the reasons? Well, there are a lot, but the major reason behind it is the depletion of our water sources. Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada & Kaveri has been witness with low water quantity in the past few years. Krishna, Narmada & Kaveri rivers have loss the flow with more than 40%. Ganga river is one of the most endangered rivers in the world.

What is Rally for Rivers?

rally for rivers

Isha Foundation took this matter very seriously and decided to run a huge campaign to save our rivers. Thus, they started “RALLY FOR RIVERS”. The campaign has proposed the ways by which we can save our rivers to rise back to their usual flow. The foundation says that if we plant trees along the river banks, we will get the following benefits:

  • Trees helps to hold the soil together, hence helps to check floods.
  • Trees roots help to maintain the underground water level, thus can prevent drought.
  • Planting trees along the river bank will help to keep river perennial.
  • It will also help to normalize rainfalls.
  • It will also help to protect biodiversity.

How to participate in this Campaign?

A minimum of 10 crore votes is needed to submit this public recommendation to the central government. You can pledge your support by giving a missed call on 80009 80009.

Under the supervision of Sadhguru, the rally started on September 3 and is meant to be finished in Delhi on October 2. It will cover more than 13 states & 221 major cities. The objective of it’s to create awareness and momentum amongst all sections of society and the government. Many social activists, celebrities & business persons are supporting this campaign. So its now your turn to return the favor to our mother earth.