Rajasthan- Colourful Melange of Forts & Culture


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Senior Party Leader, Manish Sisodia said, Aam Aadmi Party is making efforts to create a base in Rajasthan with a target to field candidates in the next Assembly polls. Further, he added that AAP is preparing grounds and is ready to make its marks in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan- Colourful Melange of Forts & Culture

Rajasthan- Colourful Melange of Forts & Culture

Welcome you to the world’s most fascinating state, a blend of diverse traditions, lip-smacking cuisines, stunning attractions and more. The eventful historic episodes of the Rajasthan state has raise its standard among the other states of India. Natives of the land are known for their creativity and artwork moreover, live their live to the fullest.

Sports of Rajasthan

Well, when it comes to the sports, then this state is enjoying a great position offering thriving sporting culture including both the traditional games which was played by Maharajas and many new sports enjoyed by the youth of today. Each and every personal here is filled with a full enthusiastic spirit. The list of activities that is always been the way of spending leisure time here is Horse polo, Kite flying, Gulli Danda, Shooting and Archery.

Sports of Rajasthan

Desert & Camel Safari

Among the various recreational activities, experiencing a camel ride is one of the elating exercises that you a glimpse of the rustic lifestyle of the desert villagers, making you feel that you are so close to their vivid culture. You will never miss to enjoy a ride by men with proud moustaches and colourful attire. It will offer you fun, vibrant and memorable experience.

Mount Abu- (20 MAY)

When the scorching hot summer season is at its peak, then it is only the hill station- Mount Abu that offers more than you expect. It is a two days summer festival, starts on the day of Buddha Poornima. For over three days the vibrancy of Rajasthan culture will be celebrated with the soulful singing and dance performances. Tourists visit to make this event one-of their- kind experience enjoying the dazzling display of fireworks and the landscape of mount Abu.

Mount Abu- (20 MAY)

Indian Youth Model United Nations (13th -15th May)

A national level extravagant event, which is the second edition of this IYMUN heuristic conference, is going to take place at Hotel Ramada, Jaipur. A fabulous venue along with executive board with a combined experience of approximately 300+ MUN’s, exciting and inspiring speaker series and lot’s more will add spark to the event. The fees of the event include access to the social events including Delegate dance & dinner.

Hr Milestone Meet-Up (28th May)

It is a moment of pride for the Jaipur city that it has been chosen for the first time by the HR Milestone Forum as the best place to organize HR Meet. With a vision theme ‘Paving pathway to 2k20’, this event of Jaipur is titled, “HR Evolution in Context” . It is a half day event with a 500 registration fee. You can join this to discuss, debate and find out the best strategic solutions for the similar yet different HR problems.

Street Football

Street Football (20th May)

First time ever in Rajasthan, a Street Cage Football is going to held which is 4 a side tournament. This will include league matches between the teams, each team with a number of 5 members. The registration fee for participating in the event is Rs. 1000 per team. Winning team will get price money of Rs. 7000.


Every year, Urs is held at the Ajmer in Rajasthan at the tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, in the honour of his symbolic union with God. Well, to pay homage pilgrims from all over the world visit this place in the month of May. At the start of the celebration, a white flag is hosted on the dargah by the ‘Sajjada Nashin’-successor representative of the Chistis. To bless the devotees for their presence Kheer is distributed.


ICIECS (27th May)

Organized by SARC, an International Conference on Industrial Electronics and Computer Science will be held at Jaipur on 27th May. The main idea that lies behind is to bring together all the researchers, scientists, engineers and scholar students to get interacted with each other with a motive to share their experiences, ideas and research results to boost their knowledge.

Indian Army Conducts _Chakravyuh-II_ training exercise

Indian Army Conducts ‘Chakravyuh-II’ training exercise

In Suratgarh, a major military training is started on 10th May with a purpose of validate battle readiness and operational effectiveness of the Pivot information and rapid divisions of Indian Army along with all its affiliated components. The facts hidden behind this training includes that, Chakravyuh-II involved rapid mobilization and swift mobilization along with the execution of the plans of the battle in conjunction with Indian Air Force.

Come & Walk into the unforgettable embrace of Rajasthan!!!!!

Sights and sounds of Rajasthan have hooked the interest of masses, which makes this state known as the best tourist place. Here, you can find passion, adventure, music, art and more which transform you and fills you with the new spirit.