Punjab “Occasion celebration with great gusto”


Punjab “Occasion celebration with great gusto”

Punjab is said to be fun loved place in India. Besides in terms of agriculture and heritage prosperity , Punjab people are not only confined with state festival, but participate in all other festival with great zeal of joy and with refreshing spirits.

Blood Donation Camp (1st January)

Blood donation is best miracle gift which can present a life to many people. On the day on new year, lets have a resolution to save at least one life to make smile on their relatives and many other people ‘s face. Be a party of blood donation camp if you are here in Jalandhar. “The Blood Donation Camp” has organised a event for “THALASSEMIA” patients. A presence for every donor would be appreciated and this will help them to make the event grand success. Be a part of this best event on new year. The venue of the vent is Gold Grain Bakery, Maqsudaan Chowk, Jalandhar.

Meditation day (1st January)

Mediation is the best activity to make your mind in deep rest. As mind becomes agitation free and remain calm. A calm mind, perception clarity, communication improvement, connection to inner energy source, relaxation, rejuvenation are some benefits of meditation. Celebrate new year with these all benefits in Shalimar Garden, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar. Join the team for 'Power Meditation' and advice for a successful n depression free life.

Nagar Kirtan (4th January)

Guru Gobind Singh was the 10th Guru out of 10 Sikh Gurus. He was born in Patna on 22nd December,1666 (according to Julian calendar). On 350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Gurudwara Reru Sahib Nandpur has organised a Nagar kirtan for all the visitors.On this day, People sing devotional songs and share sweets or sharbat during the whole procession. A special prayer gathering in every Gurudwaras. Historical lectures are been delivered and poems are recited. Special dishes are prepared. People celebrate the festival with full devotion. A special Kirtan is arranged in Jalandhar, Gurudwara.

Shining Little Star of Punjab (7th January)

Little stars are real hero of life. For every parent, their children is very special. For those special children, a fashion event has been organised. The Choreographer Mr.Hardeep Arora is hosting and organizing the event. The event will cover the fashion style, talents and dancing style of children. So, make your children be prepared for the show and enjoy the events by encouraging them. The venue is lodhi club, Ludhiana.

Lohri (13th January)

The festival is more over celebrated all over India but as concern with Punjab, its more and more fun. The festival is totally devoted to sun, God and fire. On this day, in the extreme chillness weather, people light bonfire and dance around in true spirit of culture. They round bonfire by throwing popcorn, puffed rice into flame requesting wealth and abundance. Punjabi people perform Gidda and Bhangra known to be a famous folk dance of Punjab. The best part is for children which roam in houses singing songs and encourage the housemates to give them eatables and money for the festival.

Maghi Mela (14 January)

This mela is celebrated in remembrance of battle of Muktsar of Guru Gobind Singh in 1705 against Mughals. The fair is celebrated all over Punjab. 1st day is devotees have holy dip in Muktsar Tank also known as salvation pool. On 2nd day, devotees perform a procession to Mukhwanjana Sahib, Tibbi sahib and Rikab Sahib. 3rd day is of celebration.

E-Bike Manufacturing And Designing (30th January)

Lovely Professional University has organised for young engineers to learn the designing and manufacturing a complete electric based motor bike. Isn’t that amazing chance! Moreover, the bike made will be battery on the fact pollution free world. Come and join the team to face the real time challenges and gather your tools, machinery and ger up the speed.

Did you Know?

Something special about Punjab which makes Punjab to look a unique state:
Symbol : Khanda (made of a double-edged Khanda means sword in the center with chakkar and, kirpan means two single-edged swords being crossed at the bottom and being sit on either side of the khanda and chakkar.
Animal: Black buck (Antilope cervicapra)
Bird: Baj (Accipiter gentilis)
Tree : Sheesam