Puducherry – A Union Territory influenced by French


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Puducherry witnessed a chiefalteration in the administration asthree District Collectors got re-allocated. After the approval of Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi, an official notification to senior IPS and IAS officials is given by Chief Secretary Manoj Parida. In the police department, the Senior Superintendent of Police of laws and orders (Puducherry) is Rajiv Ranjan.
B.R.Babu has been given additional responsibilities of health along with other held duties. P.Jawahar who has been incumbent District Collector has been posted and shifted as Local Administration Secretary.

Puducherry – A Union Territory influenced by French

Puducherry was formerly known as Pondicherry, its largest district consists of mainly four areas namely Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe. The exquisite structure of Pondicherry follows French architecture. The town has been divided into two main areas –French Quarter or White Town and Indian Quarter or Black Town. As the name indicates, the area occupied by French Colonies still retain the architecture of French colony while the area occupied by Indian Colonies shows the architectural sense of Indian taste as it generally consists of verandas and long doors. French language and culture is an integrated part Puducherry. Even seeing the French language on menus, signs on board and people speaking fluent French in Puducherry is a common sight.
Kids summer camp

Kids Summer Camp 2016 (3rd May to 3rd June)

This event was also organised by La Casita, where kids got golden opportunity to get to know different cultures ad get involved in creative activities which involve games, movies dance, gardening and team building were the major attraction

latin dance

Afro-Latin Dance Party (5th July)

La Casita, an artistic place which involves dancing calls out for all the dancers who want to join this Afro-Latin Dance party should know that this dance party will be organized on every Tuesday for the whole month. It will commence from 6 pm onwards.


Invite to Rajinikanth (1 July)

Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi invited Rajinikanth by using social networking platform, twitter to be brand ambassador for a new campaign Prosperous Puducherry. She tweeted on twitter for Rajnikanth to be a face the campaign which concerns with overall development of the Union Territory.

Andhra food fest

Andhra Food Festival (1st July)

This food festival which is being held at Gardenia restaurant at Sunway manor, Pondicherry, invites all to get indulge in the spicy treat of Andhra food. It includes lunch and dinner with pay per service basis. For all the foodies out there, who want to taste Andhra Food like never before, this opportunity should not be missed.

Did you know?

Pondicherry is one of the cleanest cities in India. The wine in is considered cheap in comparison with other states of India as it has a wine shop in every corner of the city. Manoj Night Shyamlan is a famous director in Hollywood known for his best movies such as The sixth sense and Signs is from Mahe, Puducherry.