Puducherry ‘The un-mistakable French’s connection’


Puducherry ‘The un-mistakable French’s connection’


If you love peace and need a break after a long hectic life, then move to Pondicherry, which is surely one of the best and affordable holiday destinations across the South India. This old colonial town offers you a unique experiences with it’s mix up of modern spiritual and heritage culture. With having a long predominantly historical background, it takes few centuries back in the past. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, it is a quiet little small town in the southern coast of the India. It having an unmistakable French’s connection, as the long tree lined up in boulevards, the quint colonial heritage site and buildings, the cultural and spiritual sceneries with the endless stretches of un-spoilt virgin beaches in the backwaters with a surprising a large choice of open restaurants that serving a melange taste of cuisines which provide you a heady mix of French experience and draws traveller’s from across the country

Puducherry ‘Turf battles’

Puducherry ‘Turf battles’
The confrontation phases between the Congress government and the Lt. Governor of Puducherry is an unfortunate development with no exaggeration which functioning the government and its implementation of its own schemes now have gone, as the cold war began since last months ago. The Lt. Governor is so keen that the public administration must run smoothly and deliver its goods, but cannot forget about an elected ministry has no longer as part of their decision making process. This spirit of give and take now accommodate that appear to be absent.

Ruling Congress party protest against Demonetisation in Puducherry

All the Congress party workers in Puducherry decided to staged a mass demonstration protest outside the central government offices in Puducherry, to protest the hasty and faulty decision made by the Central Government to demonetize the high value currency notes in country and adressing the agitators outside a nationalized bank in the every city of Puducherry, said Puducherry PWD Minister, A Namassivayam who claimed that the Modi demonetization scheme has caused an inexplicable havoc in state and affect all the sections of people, particularly the wage workers and poorer sections of society."

Kiran Bedi may quit as Puducherry Lt. Governor next year

As the Amid brewing between differences arise with the Congress led state government and Puducherry Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi has now announced to quit office in next year after successfully completion of two years. Bedi says "I will demit office on May 29, 2018, when I complete two years in Puducherry," The Lt Governor's statement comes a days after the state MLAs say about the Centre's intervention and complaining Kiren Bedi's style of functioning in state from the backdrop of her cancelling as a new circular issued by the state Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy.

Puducherry mega investor’s meet

Union Territory pitching an investor friendly destination meet up at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas fest in Bengaluru,said Pucucherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy that a mega investor’s meet up was proposed and the government would like to extend all the attractive benefits, concessions and incentives to this mega invester’s projects as a case by case basis and pioneering the nature, of locational aspects, and technology projects’ with its importance in the Puducherry’s industrial growth so that it will develop its own ability to generate employment at very large scale and generate the revenue for all the Union Territory.A high-level committee chaired by the Chief Minister would decide the special benefits that could be extended to industries.

Did you know ?

Liquor rates without taxes. Beer costs lesser than a bottle of cold drink and Again, Booze that is so cheap and SO good, you wish you had the guts to smuggle it out of Pondy.