Proud to Be Shahid’s Wife: Mira Rajput on Being a Star Wife

Mira Rajput on Being a Star WifeMira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor’s wedding was one of the most talked about event and their marriage captured attention like no other even in town. Pictures of the beautifully dressed Mira and handsome Shahid went viral, however the one thing that took everyone by surprise was the fact that they had an arranged marriage.

The wedding ceremony that took place on July 7th, 2015 was an intimate affair with only close family and friends being invited. However later on the couple gave a grand reception in Mumbai for the B-townies. And ever since they got married, everybody was keen to know more about Mira Rajput, the star wife.

Coming from a non-film background, Mira wasn’t comfortable being clicked by the shutterbugs initially. But things have changed nowadays as the mother of one can now be seen moving comfortably even with paparazzi being all around. Recently during an interview, Mira Rajput shared her views on how she feels when she is referred to as a star wife and how Shahid Kapoor has always been her pillar of strength.

When asked by reporters if she feels offended when she is referred to as a star wife, Mira Rajput said, “I don’t think people calling me a ‘star wife’ makes me any less. I am who I am and my personality or nature doesn’t get diluted by the fact that I am married to Shahid; it has only gotten enhanced.”

She further added, “He is my better half and being with him only makes me more wholesome. So together, we are much stronger. It’s all about your attitude towards it (the term). I am his wife and he is a star. It’s as simple as that. If you want to make a big deal about it, you can. I am very proud to be Shahid’s wife and I think he is equally proud to be my husband and that’s how it should be.”