Politics (May)


Exit Poll Results

Exit Poll Results

On May 16, two exit polls were predicted on Monday which includes that the BJP-led alliance is set to win the Assam Assembly elections.  79-93 seats were given to the Bharatiya Janta party combine by The India Today-Axis exit poll, 26-33 to the Congress and 6-10 to the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF). Moreover, The AB Nielsen predicted 81 seats to the BJP coalition, 33 to the Congress and 10 to the AIUDF.

What Politics tells us?

What Politics tells us

The term Politics is the ethics that are applied to the group of people which in general tells us that how a society can be set up and what are the ways according to which one should act in the society. Moreover, it conjures up the illustrations of the heads of government and legislators. It keeps you updated with the day to day happenings of the state. Let’s have a look at the latest news from all over the India....

AAP founder member quits (May 3rd)

AAP founder member quit

The Chief Minister of Aam Aadmi Party has been alleged for promoting people of his own community. Ilyas Azmi who is a Former National Executive of AAP and Political Affairs Committee member accused Kejriwal of indulging in caste and community-based politics and of ignoring Muslims and the people from backward classes.

PM Modi lied to people about his BA Degree

PM Modi lied to people about his BA Degree (May 7th)

It has been alleged by Aam Aadmi Party that it has been shown in the records of Delhi University that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had never enrolled in the university. Further in his speech he stated that PM Modi has neither done a BA nor an MA. Both his degrees are fake.
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) showed the degree of prime minister in a press conference after that allegation.

Rahul Gandhi receives death threat ahead of Puducherry rally

Rahul Gandhi receives death threat ahead of Puducherry rally (May 10th)

A Special Protection Group and the Intelligence Bureau were directed by the government to take maximum precautions for the security of the Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s life. He got an anonymous letter of death threat said by Narayanasamy. It is mentioned in the letter that, ’whenever you’ll go for a campaign we will attack you and will blast you and your leader’. He said he had filed a police complaint and also informed the party high command.