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PM Modi breaks his silence over the Kashmir issue on his visit to the tribal village of Chandrashekhar, Azad's birthplace Alirajpur in Madhya Pradesh. He speaks out at the rally "few misled people make the hell out of heaven in Kashmir". Modi said "Kashmir wants Peace and he will sort out the entire problem and issues in Kashmir through Development.”

Manipur's Irom Sharmila ends 16-years long hunger strike


So finally 16-years of long fasting comes to an end on 9th August, when Irom Chanu Sharmila takes a few drops of honey and breaks out in tears. She served as a nucleus among all the protesters against AFSPA act in Manipur at the age of 28 when the massacre happened in Imphal, in which ten or more people were killed. The 16-year long strike comes to an end when the Supreme Court questioned the security personal under AFSPA act in disturbed areas.

Suicide mystery of Arunachal Pradesh Ex CM

Kalikho Paul

Arunchal Pradesh ex CM Kalikho Pul, found hanging from Fan in a bedroom of the official CM bungalow. As confirmed by the police officials, Arunachal ex CM committed suicide but refused to confirm the suicide note being found. Sources and family members confirmed CM was in depression for the last months when the Supreme Court forcefully unseated him from CM's Chair and reinstated Namab Tuki his rival.

JDU leaders

UP Election: JD(U) Planning to Host Grand Rally in UP

JD(U) president and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar are planning to take BJP and the disputed land of Ayodhya, the epic center of Ram Mandir and Babri Mosque dispute in Uttar Pradesh. The party has decided to host grand political rally for "Sangh-mukt Bharat". The rally’s main agenda is to focus on Uttar Pradesh politics in the coming election 2017.

LinkedIn 2nd-largest global market place is India after US. So let’s join LinkedIn today!

On 10th August US based professional website LinkedIn announced the 100-million mark has been crossed in APAC (Asia-Pacific region) and having India as the largest market in this region with about 38 million users. Company officials said India retains the 2nd spot globally after the US.

Linked in

Rebirth of Quit India Movement against social atrocity

On the eve of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration of the famous Quit India Movement, Maharashtra Government launched "Quit India Movement 2" against the social atrocity and make Swaraj into SU-Raj. The rebirth of Quit India Movement takes place under the presence of Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis at the famous August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai.

Entire Village should be penalized for liquor violation law in Bihar

The new Liquor Violation Law is imposed in Bihar by Nitish Kumar Government, if any individual or group of people violate the Liquor Prohibition Law in states then the entire village or town should be Penalized.

Rakhi Sawant's promoting herself using Make In India patriotic costume with PM photos.

rakhi pm suit

Controversial and sensational actress model Rakhi Sawant's promoting herself and grabbing eyeballs and media attention with her controversial patriotic dress made with PM Narendra Modi's picture all over it. As the picture has gone viral over the internet which evoked many strong reactions as an insult to the Pm Modi.

Marc Faber:" I would rather invest in India than in US for the upcoming 10 years.

mark fabe

In an interview, the editor and publisher of the "Gloom, Boom & Doom report " Marc Faber said the emerging markets in the US are more attractive, once we could make more money in US but it is safer to invest in India with lower growth rate of 5-6 percent on the passage of the GST with the ten year horizon .

Nuclear plant

Inauguration of Kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant.

Finally, controversial Kundankulam Nuclear power plant in Kerala was jointly inaugurated by Russian president Vladimir Putin, PM Narendra Modi with Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa on 10th August.

Questions arise on the policy of Aviation industry after the shutdown of two Airlines.

Countries two major airlines bow out temporarily due to the financial viability as one of the major reasons to shut operations for a short space of time. Air Costa the leading domestic airline industry in south India halted its service to many cities including Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore and many more, which was also followed by Air Pegasus.

Squash out Sharad Pawar’s built NCP empire from its Hotbed: BJP Maharashtra game plan

Devendra Fadnavis government are working indefatigable to uproot the political ambition and foundation of National Congress Party empire that Sharad Pawar built on credit societies, sugar and vegetable markets.



 Cabinet grants six months maternity leave

The union cabinet led by PM Modi finally approved the maternity leave after a few amendments in Maternity Benefits Act 2016, with the main agenda being to raise maternity leave for commissioning mothers, adopting mother or even surrogate mothers from 12 to 26 weeks.