Plastic Rice Panic – How To Identify The Culprit

With video of plastic rice doing rounds, it seems like the incident of adulterated food is not going to stop soon. There have been several incidents of plastic rice being sold in the Indian Market.


Various incidents of plastic rice sale have left citizen of Hyderabad in shock. Over 30 people were arrested by the Hyderabad police after complaints were made by people about the sale of plastic rice, adulterated milk and plastic eggs. The first incident was reported at a private hostel in Yousufguda where students complain that the cooked rice they were offered tasted differently and labeled them as plastic rice.

In another incident that surfaced in Meerpet, a citizen complained that rice he purchased from a local shopkeeper were plastic rice. Rumors of plastic rice sale from grocery shops have cause uproar among people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


After the incidents of plastic rice surfaced in the markets of Uttarakhand’s Haldwani, a probe has been ordered in the Bengaluru market against plastic sugar reports surfaced. Bengaluru residents are worried and are exercising a precaution while buying sugar for everyday use. Police is trying its best to find out how sugar has been adulterated with plastic sugar.

After reports of plastic eggs and rice, now plastic sugar has created a panic among residents as it has flooded the city’s markets. Two incidents have been reported of plastic food from Tumkur and Gadag.

So are you thinking how to identify plastic rice? Here are few ways:

  • Stir the rice in a glass of water for some time. If the rice floats on top, it is plastic rice because organic rice sinks down.
  • While boiling the rice, if a thick layer is formed on the top of the vessel, it is plastic rice.
  • Burn a handful of rice. If it smells plastic, it is not organic rice.
  • If the rice is organic, fungus grows on it if kept for long but if mold doesn’t appear, the rice if plastic.