State Newsletters

India is a country with 29 states that are making notable achievements and uplifting the position of the country. Each state of India is famous for its rich culture, heritage, cuisine, politics, festivals and fairs that distinguish from one another. Indians in every part of the world are proud of their country for its achievements in every arena. With the every coming day, each state is significantly contributing to India’s growth history. Discover the hidden facts of different states of India.

Union Territories

The magnificent uniqueness of the seven union territories of India never fails to attract the visitors around the globe. The unfolding mystery and charisma of the territories are the reasons of the rising standard of the country. The land is blessed with an extraordinary history and culture which makes it unique in its own way. The fast-growing economies, topography, natural beauty, population, religion, culture or language of each territory is making India stand out from the crowd. Read More

Politics Newsletters

Indian Politics is central to the actualization of true democracy. The youth of India today is taking part in the political parties of their states to contribute their efforts in the growth of the country. Each state is offering opportunities to the young blood of the country to build their career in politics. When it comes to politics, ‘what is in today is out tomorrow’. The emerging and changing political scenario of all states make the country experience ups and downs. Uncover the political issues of different states and territories of India. Read More

Bollywood Newsletters

No state or country is complete without its filmy background or film industry. In India, Bollywood industry is giving birth to many new and budding stars. Whenever you think of India and its attractions then, film industry is the one that always comes to our mind. India is the largest centre of the film production. The latest Bollywood news, interviews, movie reviews, and gossip make you feel close and connected with the Bollywood stars. Keep up with the famous and favourite Bollywood news here. Read More...

Sports Newsletters

In terms of Sports, the year of 2016 has offered a lot to the fans and is still on the way to bring more. Whether it’s Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Football or any other sport, all the players are contributing their best to make their country proud. Indians are masters in all games and are adding many remarkable victories in the Indian sports. This youth-oriented area is constantly developing with the efforts of the sportsman. You can explore more on Indian sports by having a look at the top achievements made by the Indian athletes. Read More....