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The Supreme Court of India finally agreed for an urgent hearing about the petition filed by Aam Aadmi Party Leader and current chief minister of National Capital Territory of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. The much longer going on disputes held between Central government of Delhi and National capital of India, New Delhi has created haphazard of working between these two states. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal pleaded to not allow Delhi High Court to give its decision on the matters of Union Territory. The different point of views between NDA Government and AAP government has led to many pending cases which are yet to be heard in courts.


National Capital Territory of Delhi – Land of dreams

National Capital territory of Delhi consists of more than a dozen areas of Delhi, NCR and adjoining towns of Haryana and Punjab. This area is governed collectively by the central government of India as well as the elected parties of this area, choosing their own chief minister. This place has a history of gold, which is the vital part of Indian culture since ancient era. Delhi has been capital of many different empires in India as it was considered best by their rulers. The final agreement on the creation of a union territory such as National Capital Territory of Delhi was made in the year 1991 and is still being followed. Although various petitions has been filed by the earlier rulers of India to make it as state, it is still a union territory and should not be confused with New Delhi, which is capital of India. New Delhi is a part of Delhi.

Theatre Fest (1st to 15th June)

National School of Drama ‘s Respiratory company organised Summer Theatre Fest commencing from the start of the month for a whole fortnight was a welcome event in the area of Delhi. The event was organized at Kamani auditorium, Mandi House in New Delhi. Total number of plays performed in this theatre was five, depicting scenes from different aspects and different eras at the auditorium.

theatre festival

Holy Month of Ramadan (6th June-7th July)

The holy festival of Ramadan also known as Ramzaan is celebrated with feasting and charity-giving programs in area of Delhi. Ramadan is a major festival which is celebrated by Islamic communities all over the world. The grandeur celebration of Iftaar takes place at the famous Jama Masjid situated in New Delhi. People do fasting for a month while the Ramzaan is going on and offer their daily auspicious praying at mosque during these days. Giving charity and doing noble is considered to be done by people to offer their praying to Allah.

Event based on “Refugees” (26th June)

The event took place at any backpacker’s paradise, Kunzum Cafe on 26th June 2016. The event included talk by UNCHR India which discussed about the different perspective of being a refugee. People from different communities collected and discussed about problems faced by refugees. The event was organised by an organization BOLD.


Mission 60 (5th July)

For all the Sherlock Holmes lovers out there, it is a huge opportunity of people in Delhi to get indulged in real life adventure game. The game will take place at its own premises in Gurgaon. Anyone with a team of 2 or 4 can participate in this game. The game will involve the teams looking for clues like in treasure hunt. Participants are supposed to look for the clues and find items in a room, but only in 60 minutes.

Jhumroo (6th July)

The musical comedy Jhumroo is a play which is going to be performed at Kingdom of dreams. The play promises its audience to take them on a magical ride of ups and downs through the life of protagonist. The play is based on day to day problems of urban youth and their dreams.

Return of the Singh (16th July)

One of the biggest boxing competitions is going to be organised in the premises of Delhi. IOS Boxing Promotions is going to organize India’s first professional boxing championship. Vijendra Singh, the winner of first ever medal in Olympics for India is a professional Boxer and is India’s own knockout master. He will be competing against Kerry Hope, former European middleweight champion. It will be exciting to welcome a fresh change in Delhi.

Mango festival 2016

Mango- King of fruits will be the main attraction of this fair or festival. Mango based products will be available in this fair. More than 1000 varieties of mangoes will be available in this fair to be tried and tested by different people, who will be visiting this fair. It will be a huge platform, for farmers in different state in India. This major event for fruit-lovers is going to take place at defence colony in Delhi. People who like to get indulged in enjoying different savouries made by the chefs in this event can also enjoy it there.