MANIPUR- ‘Famous for Beautiful exquisite handicrafts’


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On 30th June, GOI has committed to provide electricity to all the villages in Imphal by 2018 i.e 87.5 percent villages to be electrified. Moreover, it was said by the Chief Minister O Ibobi at a conference on Electricity and Related Issues that households will be provided with the accessibility by 2019 Under the Ministry of Power.

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Manipur- ‘Famous for Beautiful exquisite handicrafts’

You might have heard about the state before. But still, there are a number of things that you are not familiar with the state of Manipur. The Rich culture, Heritage, cuisine is the wonderful attractions of the state. Apart from this, highly crafted handicrafts by the artists of the land are the best selling items. Being popular as a land of Jewel, Manipur is rich in offering excellent gems. The state has a unique identity of its own.

Keep Tasting Manipur dishes

The food list of Manipur is a collection of Exotic and flavoursome dishes that not only taste good but help you to stay fit and healthy. ‘ Chahou Kheer’ is considered as the Manipur speciality and people around the globe come to taste it. The never ending list of Manipur dishes cannot be described in words. To taste the real flavour, get out of your kitchens and visit Manipur.

The Best Flavour to satisfy your palate

People’s Convention for a United Manipur (11 June)

A meeting was held on 11 June in order to calm the situation in the state regarding the three bills on Manipur People’s Protection Bill to save indigenous lands in Manipur. The tension was aroused in the state which took a turn into violent protests. Well, some of the people from the hills and valleys have come together to take a hold on the situation and to make peace in the state. The agenda of the meeting was to bring the positive strategies and recommendations.

‘The Great June Uprising, Unity Day’ (18 June)

On the Unity day, the tributes were paid to those who were killed during the public agitation in 2001. The day was observed with a joint effort of The United Committee Manipur and All Manipur United Clubs Organisation. It was said by the UCM president Elangbam Johnson to the people to stand together in order to spread a message of brotherhood moreover, to safeguard our territorial integrity together’.

Land of festivals

Dance Festival (29-30 June)

A two-day dance festival was organised by the Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy in collaboration with Langmeidong Dramatic Union at Langmeidong. JNMDA on the celebration of their 40 Years has organised a dance festival. Amazing dance forms such as Kabui Keioiba and Moirang Sha were performed

Wooden pestle and mortar festival (23 June)

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage has sponsored an event which was organised by the People’s Museum and was attended by the Kangjam Radhakumar Singh, Commissioner, Art and Culture, Government of Manipur and more. Here, at the valedictory programme Traditional ways of threshing followed by Chothe, Maring, Vaiphei, Tarao tribes and people of Kakching and Wangoo were also demonstrated.

Mother, Where’s My Country

International day against Drug Abuse (26 June)

In Thoubal, The Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), Thoubal along the collaboration with TESRA, the day was observed. It was a day which was celebrated against the drug abuse. A programme was observed under the theme ‘Listen First’. There were 62 youths who took part in the event. During the programme, a message was given to the youths for not taking drugs. The programme was attended by K Lokendro Singh, Member, DACYP, NYK, Thoubal and N Ibungo Singh, president, TESRA.

Completion of 945 MI Schemes (28 June)

The Minor Irrigation Department has completed 945 minor irrigation schemes at a total cost of Rs 473.80 crore under the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) launched in the State from the year 1999-2000 by the Ministry of Water Resources, Govt of India. Under the command, 53914 ha of cultivable land have been brought and it has played a commendable role in promoting agriculture productivity.

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Bharatiyam Programme (30 June)

It was under the programme Bharatiyam more than 13,000 students were trained in 2015-16 with the concept of integration of sports and education. The reason for organising this event was to make the youth familiar with the importance of physical fitness.

Take a tour to the place of interest in Manipur!

Rejuvenate yourself by visiting the cities of Manipur which are extremely beautiful and are best for your trip. The city enjoys a great climate and it makes a perfect choice when you are on a search to choose the best destination for your vacations. Know more about Manipur on your trip!