Maharashtra- Industrialized State Of India


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It is great news that makes the state proud that a Maharashtra cop conquered Everest in two Years. Rafiq Shaikh Patel of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, has created quite a record and also happens to be the first policeman from Maharashtra to have reached the peak of the highest mountain in the world.

Maharashtra- Industrialized State of India

Maharashtra being located in the northern eastern of peninsular India occupies the western and central parts of the country and extends over the Sahyadri mountains. Talking about the geography much of the state consists of the high Deccan plateau, which is separated from the straight Konkan coastline by 'Ghats'. The series crowning plateau is a unique feature of this region. Additionally, the state also has a vast area under horticulture cultivation.

Festival Glory of Maharashtra

In the state of Maharashtra, festivals are always celebrated with pomp and show to make this state popular among the tourists worldwide. Besides all the festivals the most popular one are the Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padva. The other festivals that you should explore include; Banganga festival, a tribute to Lord Ram, Palkhi Festival celebrating the Maharashtrian culture and other festivals organized by the MTDC such as Elephanta and Ellora festivals.

The Culinary Heritage of Maharashtra

Undoubtedly, beaches and mountains, caves and temples, forests and cities of Maharashtra are contributing a lot in making the state out from the crowd however; the cuisine of the state occupies an integral part of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage. Fish curries and rice is a staple in the coastal belt while spicy mutton curries are a favourite in the east.

Mouth-Watering Cuisines

The sheer variety of food available in the state reveals the culture of the state in many ways. You might be finding your way into five-star kitchens, however, from the spicy snacks in Mumbai to the mutton gravy of Kolhapur and the orange barfi of Nagpur, Maharashtra indeed loves to pamper its visitors with food. Because of the scrumptious taste the dishes of Maharashtra have gained recognition across the world.

Summer Treat To Beat The Heat

The scorching hot summer days this season are the sweltering times in almost all areas of Maharashtra. When summer sizzles, the state goes seasonal in its diet. Mangoes make their appearance, not only as the ‘king of fruits’. Sol Kadhi is a summer favourite in the Konkan belt.

Maharashtra BJP to Focus On Consolidating Organizational Base Ahead Of Civic Polls

It came into notice that on 23rd May, the Maharashtra BJP held a meeting to draw detailed plans including programmes across 36 districts to commemorate the completion of two years of the government at the Centre led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

MMaharashtra Chess Association (28th-29th May)

Two days of the workshop will be organized by Nagpur Chess Academy to let people know about the Calculation Techniques & Mating Patterns. To attend this workshop the last date for registration is 25th May and the registration fees is 500 for NCA players and 700 for others.

Eyes on Tata, Koyna Dams to Meet Demand (18th May)

The rising intensity of the drought has put pressure on the authorities for releasing water from Tata dams and Koyna Hydropower Project for the downstream region from Solapur to Osmanabad. It was estimated that Tata dams hold a total of 159 million cubic metre (MCM) water while Koyna has 536 MCM storage. The other dams in the region, however, have gone dry. Water experts have approached the National Human Rights Commission and sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi's intervention for releasing the water for drinking purpose.

Vivid Experience of Cinema

Well, this state is also famous for the business of Bollywood and is a lot more than entertainment. This massive and largely popular enterprise largely functions from the bustling city of Mumbai. It offers various tourist attractions, among which the 'Amitabh Bachchan's House' and 'Shahrukh's Mannat' are the most popular one.

Things to know about Maharashtra

This princely state of India is famous as a Land of Ganesha with a belief to remove the obstacles, therefore, to bless you with happiness. In addition to this, three popular names Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta Caves are the oldest popular tourist destinations that are known for the wall murals and art exist within these caves. Moreover, stunning beaches, climatic conditions, and exciting rail journeys will make you visit this state again and again.

Explore The Charming Nooks & Corner Of The State!!!!!

Maharashtra is a stunning state that doesn’t require any introduction. Ranging from politics and business to religion and travel it has always taken the center stage on various topics. This state has much to offer travelers. So you can make sure to look out for these experiences on your next trip to the state.