Madhya Pradesh – Heart of Incredible India

Madhya Pradesh

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Railway projects worth Rs 10,736 crore were cleared by the government for improving infrastructure in various states, including Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat that go to polls next year. Sagar, Damoh and Katni districts of Madhya Pradesh will benefit from this project, the ministry said.

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Madhya Pradesh- Heart of Incredible India

India is a country with rich cultural heritage and is a combination of states that are famous for their culture and history. Madhya Pradesh is a state that is located in the centre of India. Sensual sculptures, old caves, temples, wildlife sanctuaries are the reason that tourists every year come to this state.

Lavang Lata- Try this popular dish of Madhya Pradesh

Among the various Cuisines of India, the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh has a special place among the cuisines of India. Lavang Lata is a sweet dish that is famous in Khandwa & Madhya Pradesh. This dish is rich in flavours and dry fruits like Pistachio, almonds and cashew. For outer covering, wheat flour is used and it is stuffed with a mixture of dry fruits, grated coconut, raisins and spices like cardamom and cloves and then it is fried. It is dipped in two string sugar syrup after frying.

lavang Lata

May Day (1st May)

May Day celebration is the most popular festival that is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh. It honours the historic struggle of working people that were held all over the world. May Day, held on 1st May, is also called by the name of International Workers' Day. Various labour movements and socialist celebrations form a part of May Day festivity. Visit Madhya Pradesh and witness the fanfare associated with this event.

Sun Temple (Unao)

Unao in Madhya Pradesh near Jhansi houses a temple to the sun, which is visited by many. The Bhramanya Dev Temple is also known as the Baramju temple. This temple was patronized by the Peshwas and by the ruler of Datia, a nearby town, it is a well-visited temple. Local belief is that worshippers find relief from ailments such as blindness and leprosy and other skin diseases. The stone image of the Sun God stands here on a brick platform covered with black plates. Twenty-one triangles representing the 21 phases of the sun are engraved in the shrine. There is a protective brass cover for the image.

lat amangeshkar

Great Personalities of Madhya Pradesh

Many great leaders and people have made a tremendous contribution to the success of this state and also made efforts to make this state stand out from the crowd. Some of the names are Tansen, Baiju Bawra, Lata Mangeshkar, Jaya Bachchan and more.

MP CM releases Sanchi varsity brochure (14th May)

With an objective to impart education in Buddhist teachings, contemporary philosophy, traditions and practice, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan launched prospectus and brochure of the university during the opening ceremony of the Vichar Kumbh in Ujjain. Sanchi University for Buddhist-Indic Studies has announced admission process for MA, M Phil and Ph.D. courses for the academic session 2016-17.

Sri Lankan Prez in Sanchi

Sri Lankan Prez in Sanchi (14th May)

Sri Lankan President Maitripala Sirisena reached Sanchi in Raisen district on a brief visit. Maitripala arrived at the helipad in Sanchi at 4.10 pm. He visited Chetya Giri Vihar and Sanchi Stupa Vihar.Maitripala attended a programme in which he unveiled a statue of Dharmapal at Mahabodhi Society.

Coal Ministry plans massive tech modernization push (24th May)

State-miner Coal India which has a near-monopoly in India’s total domestic production has however been able to raise its output in the past few months. Anil Swarup, Secretary, Ministry of Coal, says What we are seeing in the past three to four months, I think we are producing more than what is required. From the situation of acute scarcity about a year ago, we are fairly comfortable in terms of the availability of coal as most of the power plants are sitting on an inventory of 27 days.

Simhasta kumbh mela

How Madhya Pradesh got Simhastha Kumbh Mela to stop open defecation (27th May)

The Swachchta Kranti mission aimed to wrap the message of hygiene and sanitation within spiritual well-being. The Simhastha Kumbh Mela that concluded last week at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh just added a new dimension to it. The devout went back from what MP government propagated as Green Kumbh with not just cleaner souls, but also a message to maintain sanitation and a pledge to eradicate open defecation.

A Place to Visit

Madhya Pradesh state is the best place to visit to witness the variety of animals, birds and flora here. It is the greatest tourist attraction which is very well-known for its hospitality and warmth. Spicy food and yummy desserts, innumerable fairs and festivals, vibrant culture and colourful fests make this state a compelling state to plan your holidays.