Lashdweep ‘Amazing Atoll’


Lakshdweep ‘Amazing Atoll’

Lakshdweep Island, a very beautiful and picturesque travel destination to visit. The amazing, mesmerizing and pristine beauty atoll is bounded by the turquoise of deep blue water lagoons that offer an amazing view to the tourist. The island is famous for its colorful boats, coconut canopies and beautiful fishes in several sizes and hues surrounded by the beautiful scenic spots in the area. The place is nature paradise and blessed by the abundant natural beauty, that offers you several adventurous activities to the tourists ranging from windsurfing, catamaran sailing, riding and scuba diving, snorkeling and sea kayaking.

Interceptor craft is deployed by the Indian Navy in Lakshadweep


The Indian Navy has recently deployed its Fast Interceptor Craft at the Androth island in the Lakshadweep island group to complement and boosting the better existing surveillance assets in the archipelago. One can capable of riding speed boats at the speed of 45 knots, these craft will do regular patrolling in the northern group of Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands with proper monitor shipping traffic provided by the quick response to any developing security situation.

Calm and amid chaos Island


Demonetization affects long queues in front of the banks and ATMs that makes the chaos at banks and drive the country into the massive inconvenience due to the Demonetization and has not much affected the Island or maybe it is the only place in the country where no panic were noticed and the sufficient denominations of `500 and 100’ notes are available in our banks. Currencies were airlifted to the Kavaratti and the distribution point were made to the other Island islets. The nationwide was under the confusion, but this island,that literally is one of the most calm island noticed.

Koyas community


Koyas tribes of Lakshadweep Island symbolize as the land owner community of the island and prevailing in the same place for the past many centuries. The majority of the local ethnic groups in the island is Muslim, but the social division is mostly based upon the three major categories like cultivators, land owners and sailors. By considering as the main descendants of the South Indian, mostly land owners Koya community people hold a prestigious position in the society of the Lakshadweep Island. Found in Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Andrott islands of Lakshadweep, these Koyas communities having a stronghold position in the local Panchayats.

Kolkali dance or stick dance

The word “Kol” means a stick and due to the name the dance is also performed with the help of sticks and so called Kolkali. The dance is the widely famous and known as the popular folk dance of the Island. The performers of dance were mostly comprised only of men. In this dance the women were not allowed to take part and perform or practice this dance . This famous danced are performed in the pairs which moves in the circles to the rhythmic beat of sticks. The Dance performers hold their special sticks in their hand and props during dancing.


Economy of Lakshdweep

The Coconut is one and only cultivated on these islands and having no other option that will really grow here. Fishing is the other source of income, where the islanders are mostly depend on the mainland for their basic supplies. Coir products like coir yarn and coir fibre are produced here in addition to other coir products like mats, curled fibre and corridor mats.

Did you know?

You can easily find the Asian dolphins, octopus, eels, frog fish and turtles at this atoll island and a large variety of tropical fish like an angel, clown, snappers, butterfly, surgeon and groupers can be easily found on this Island.