Lakshadweep Islands- amalgamation of beautiful scenes


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For all the people living in Lakshadweep, Passport Seva Kendra was still a distant dream. But, Kochi’s own regional passport office is reaching out to different areas of this Union territory. Since, Lakshadweep is a part of Kochi’s jurisdiction too; hence all the inhabitants of Lakshadweep can apply for the passports here. When it was organised last year, the camp received more than 500 applications. Kochi’s RPO is considered best than any other passport services.


Lakshadweep Islands- amalgamation of beautiful scenes

Lakshadweep Islands, formerly known as Laccadives islands is a union territory of Indian government .It is India’s smallest union territory and its capital is Kavaratti. The Union territory is majorly ruled by Islamic principles. In post independent era, in 1956, Lakshadweep was marked as a separate Union territory in India. There are around 40 islands which together make the Lakshadweep islands. This place is mentioned in Buddha jatakas and hence marked its existence in ancient era. Islam was prevalent in this place since 600th century.

Eid Mubarak

Eid-Ul-Fitar (6th June)

Eid –ul-Fitar is a major festival which is celebrated in the lands of Lakshadweep. This festival marks the breaking of fast, which is ongoing for the whole month of Ramzaan, preceding Eid. The day is celebrated by seeing the moon’s shape accordingly. Both, Shiya and Sunni communities celebrate this festival with happiness. Hence, Lakshadweep being a colony of Islamic rulers and emperors celebrates this day with joy and is a public holiday for everyone. People keep fasting for a whole month before this auspicious festival and finally on the day of Eid, resume eating after offering their prayers to Allah, their god.

Bus service

A new bus service for Lakshadweep residents (24th June)

Kochi Bus Transport service finally started a bus service for people living in the islands of Lakshadweep. For those people who wish to go to Wellington Island on daily basis, this bus service is a blessing. Earlier, the residents have to go through sea route. Administrator of Lakshadweep inaugurated this bus service, Vijay Kumar by flagging a new bus from Willington Island. This service will insure better connectivity of Islands of Lakshadweep with the rest of the parts of India. Even the significance drop of the amount , used to be spent by the travellers will be in action now.

Naval detachment

New Naval Detachment at Lakshadweep

As a part of extending their reach to people, a new naval attachment is set up at the Androth Islands in Lakshadweep. Navy will be responsible for the updating of infrastructure and architecture in these areas. Not only this, settlement of naval detachment at Lakshadweep will also insure communication between these islands and will be beneficial. Radar surveillance will also increase as it will help in the better connection of these islands with other parts of the sea routes.


Kavaratti Islands

People looking for heavenly beaches should try this for sure. India’s own exotic beach destination serves as a capital of Lakshadweep Islands. One must keep looking out for the various water sports at this place. People who want to gain knowledge, must visit the aquamarine museum in order to enjoy watching different species of sea. The lagoon here is an exotic location to enjoy the scenic views at this island. It is India’s own paradise for a beach vacation.

Water sports

Water sports at Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands boast about all the water sports available on the islands of this Union territory. Any individual, who is looking for some adventure in the sea, must give this place a visit. Water sports, such as Scuba Diving, canoeing and as well as Kayaking are also available here for tourists. Not only this, Snorkelling is also available at Aggaratti Islands. Water sports enthusiasts surely visit this place to enjoy them, during summer vacations and other time of the year as well.

Digitalisation of Lakshadweep

Minister of Communications and IT, Mr. Ravi S Prasad declared a better connectivity through communication channels to Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Universal Service obligation fund will be spending more than 1000 Crore rupees on improving the connection between these Union Territories to other parts of India. The bandwidth capacity will be increasing up to three times to maintain the new arrangement.


This place is in the shape of a tear drop. People who love to explore the less taken paths must give this place a visit for its serene views. This place is perfect for outing when someone is seeking for peace and wants to enjoy the views as well. People who love to enjoy water sports can also stay here. This place also has Lakshadweep’s first diving school in its premises. Hence, for a person visiting this place must give it a shot for sure.

Did you know?

Coconut is the only crop here, which is significant according to the economic aspects. Agatti Island is the only place, which is connected by airport to rest of the world. Other routes are mainly sea routes only. More than 90% of inhabitants, here are Muslims.