Kerala ‘Land of coconuts’


Kerala ‘Land of coconuts’

Kerala it is the southern most state in the India having a unique set of the geographic characteristics which make it as one of its kind and widely famous for its lush greenery, hills, waterfalls, sun kissed beaches and serene backwaters. It has now emerged to be a sought after tourist destination in the world. Kerala in the native language, Malayalam means “Land of coconuts”. Kerala is the only state in India where Ayurveda is still a mainstream medicine. There are Ayurvedic medical colleges and hospitals across the state.

Kerala ‘around 350 theatres going for shut down’

Around 350 theatres across Kerala will go to shut down for an indefinite time from 11th January, following an ongoing tiff between the Kerala Film Exhibitors' Federation and the distributors and producers over the sharing of collections. As the first step of protest, the theatres under the Federation have for the past almost one month not released any new Malayalam films. Instead, films in other languages were being released. From Thursday, that will also not happen.

‘Supreme Court gives 90 days to Kerala for compensating victims of Endosulfan poisoning’

The Supreme Court of India has given the 90 days time to Kerala government for distrubuting Rs 500 crore as a compensation amount for more than 5,000 persons, who has suffered from various health complications, deformities and lost theirs family member’s after using the Endosulfan pesticides across the state. A bench leaded by the Chief Justice Dr. JS Khehar had asked the state government to consider and setting up a central committee to provides the life long medical treatments to all the victims and hoped the state government should look into the feasibility of making such a facility available.

Avian diversity in Kerala gets richer

The avian diversity species of Kerala has now got blessed as a exponentially boosted in the last few days of 2016 as Bird Life International dividing a species in two. Bird life International, is an International organization who assesses the conservation between the status of the birds globally, has now split the group into a montane laughing thrushes, that are endemic towards the Western Ghats and recognized as the two new species. As a result, the state has now four mountain laughing thrushes in the two place.

IAS officers in Kerala call off a strike plan as the CM take an offense

With the state chief minister Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan has expressed his strong reservations as a result a state IAS official has decided to withdraw his proposed protest plans. The IAS officials' threat to take mass casual leave to protest against the vigilance director's move to target some of their colleagues led to a crisis situation in the state administration. A delegation of senior IAS officials met the chief minister on Monday to discuss the developments.

Crisis in Kerala as a rice bowl Palakkad worst affected

Kerala is now anticipating a significant back drop in the agricultural fields output as a poor result of the successive failures in the South West and North East monsoons in the last year. While in the June to September monsoon season had left a wide gaping rain deficit of 34%, as in the October to December season, which followed and proved even more disastrous, with a low shortfall of 61%.

The Kerala BJP leader’s asks filmmaker Kamal to leave the country

The general secretary of the Bhartiya Janta Party in the Kerala Mr. A N Radhakrishnan had asked the Kerala Chala Chitra Academy, chairman and famous filmmaker Mr. Kamal to leave the country as if he could not follow’s the directives principals of the Supreme Court while singing the national anthem. At a news conference here on Monday, held in connection with the party’s north Kerala regional Yatra, Mr. Radhakrishnan alleged that Kamal was a worker of “extremist outfits” such as the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

Did you know?

Kerala is most probably known as the only state in the India and having its own versions of Christian bibelical names and usually seen among the St. Thomas Christian community in the Kerala. We find it very interesting and have always tried to find the correlation between their given names and their origins. Although it is hard to come by such names among the current generation, it was commonplace until the previous generation. These are the traditional names. A lot of people, however, prefer to stick to the Anglican versions.