Kerala – God’s Own Country


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On 25th May, being sworn in as the new Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan was congratulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Further Modi Said, Congrats to Pinarayi Vijayan and his team. Centre looks forward to working closely with the newly sworn-in LDF Government for Kerala's progress.

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Kerala- ‘Gods Own Country’

Being famous as a land of God the state of Kerala has Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Christian Churches in its every nook and corner. It is one of the most advanced societies with world-class health care systems. It is a peaceful and pristine state and is considered to be India’s cleanest state. In terms of the social welfare and quality of life, it is a progressive state.

Visit Tropical Paradise of Kerala

As we all known that Kerala is indeed a green paradise which offers an exotic and picturesque view. It is located at the extreme southern tip of the Indian Subcontinent and has unique geographical features that captivate the interest of many tourists around the globe. The tranquil backwaters, cascading waterfalls, sun-kissed beaches and exotic wildlife are the reason that you must make a trip to Kerala.