Karan Johar on Motherhood – Leading Actress Become Hyper Mothers

Karan Johar on Motherhood – Leading Actress Become Hyper MothersKaran Johar who recently became a father of two little lives – Yash and Roohi, through surrogacy says his life has taken a rollercoaster ride post the birth of his twins. And he believes the same is the situation for Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput who welcomes their daughter Misha in August 2016. So when these parents, Karan Johar and Mira Rajput were invited for the launch of a book on parenting, they had a lot of common things to talk about.

When a journalist asked, “How is parenthood?”, Mira Replied, ““I’m enjoying this new phase of life it’s extremely fulfilling.”, and Karan replied by saying, “It’s exhilarating, it’s shocking. It’s everything I thought it would be and everything it’s not. I look at them and I can’t believe they are mine. I feel blessed with them. They are the finest Dharma productions.” Well, can we ask for anything more?

However, the best part of the interview was when the filmmaker talked about some of the leading Bollywood actresses becoming mothers, and how they get hyper when it comes to their babies.

He said, “When leading actress becomes mothers, they turn into these hyper mothers. So it’s refreshing to be with Mira.” However, this was not the first instance when he has said something nice about Mira Rajput. Do you remember the episode of Koffee with Karan where Mira appeared along with Shahid Kapoor? He started the episode by telling Shahid how proud he feels as he has married someone from outside the industry and who is simply perfect like Mira.

During the book launch, Karan and Mira played blind test where Karan Johar got blindfolded and was asked to guess the baby food by tasting it. The interview was really fun and it helps people to see the fun side of Mira and Karan Johar.