Inspiring Story of an Indian Who Serve Food to Needy People

Khushroo PoachaKhushroo Poacha is a well known name whose phone does not stop ringing. However, it’s a mystery that even after ringing constantly, the phone’s battery does not die out at the end of the day. Well, jokes apart, while most of us are obsessed with our loved ones, our jobs and everything related to us, Khushroo Poacha has opted for an indirect way to touch several people’s life.

Khushroo Poacha is a part of Seva Kitchen, Neki Ka Pitara and a number of other similar groups. Started in 2014, Seva Kitchen provides food for families and caretakers of patients admitted in Tukdoji Maharaj Cancer Hospital or other city hospitals of Nagpur. Poacha got the idea for this when he saw an old woman making rotis on a makeshift stove outside the hospital where his mother was being treated. When he spoke about it with his mother, she simply asked him why he wasn’t feeding them.

After 3 years, Seva Kitchen serves food to six hospitals in Nagpur and six more hospitals across five Indian cities. The hospital staff posts the requirement of the number of patients and their caretakers who require to be served meals on a particular day on Whatsapp. The following day, Sevaks ensure that the relevant amount of food is made available.

Next, the team has also initiated the Neki Ka Pitara which is a refrigerator that offers refreshment to patients and their caretakers. The fridge includes all kind of goodies such as lassi packets, biscuits, chocolates and fresh fruits. To be a part of this initiative, you need to be a part of the Whatsapp group and make sure that the refrigerator is never empty. Each time the stock is depleted, a message goes out on the group with a photo of the empty fridge. Hours later, the stock is replenished and another photo sent out.

Poacha says he doesn’t accept money in any form. “All I require you to do is help serve food to the people who need it,” he tells.