The Hyderabad Cricket Association made the food bill of Rs 75 lakh in a single Test

The Hyderabad Cricket Association made the food bill of Rs 75 lakh in a single TestThe Hyderabad Cricket Association has been reported to misuse the funds allotted to the board for arranging the one-off Test between India and Bangladesh in Hyderabad last month. The HCA has been clearly accused of making a food bill of Rs 75 lakh and for giving away several Special tickets for free.

According to the report, a division bench of the Hyderabad High Court comprising of Acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice Shameem Akhter were handed a report by the match observer of the Test appointed by the BCCI. The report has been listed with two thousand strong police contingent deployed at the venue during the match among the beneficiaries of free meals, aside from members and officials.

The High Court has also criticised the sale of only twenty-five percent tickets which figures of amount has been calculated to be 11,500 out of 39,000. Along with that the tender also coming to the fore. A majority part of the contract was awarded for the match but it had no proper bids in place. Notably, few contracts were settled by binding of only a single-vendor.

Seems likes it was not enough! Apart from those cases, the HCA has also managed to skip the rules set by the Lodha committee which was appointed by the Supreme Court, by letting an official to stay on the official post and continue his job duties in the Test, when the official was supposed to leave his post according to the direction of the High Court.

That was not the first time the Hyderabad Cricket Association has been accused of manipulating the rules and doing corruption. A report of the US-based organization named Deloitte accused that the association distributes gold coins among the members of the managing committee, and also gives their wives precious jewelry.

India beat Bangladesh by 208 runs in that match. The achievement of the match was Indian captain Virat Kohli’s fourth test double-century, with R Ashwin and Jadeja taking 4 wickets each in the 2nd innings of Bangladesh.

The match result was something to be proud of for the Team India not for the Officials of Hyderabad Cricket Association.