Himachal Pradesh “Heaven in India”

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh “Heaven in India”

Himachal Pradesh is known to be cloud of cultural diaspora of India. The people of the state celebrate each festival with rich legacy and rituals.

Halda Festival (1st- 3rd January)

Welcome New Year with Goddess of wealth and health. Th Halda festival is celebrated with great zeal of enthusiasm. People of Lahaul districts celebrate this event by performing dance, music etc. People perform bonfire with cedar tree wood. This brings unity in community. Come and join the festival here in Lahaual.

National Ice Skating Championships (3rd January)

Ice skating is the moving act by use of ice skates. Your ice skating skills are jaw dropping or nonexistent, find your enchanting place here in Shimla. Get your ice skates on this winter here in Shimla with a beautiful sunrise and majestic Museum with shopping destination. Participate in skating competition and win existing prizes.

Himachal Winter Carnival (2nd – 6th January)

Himachal Pradesh have a trend of celebrating winter carnival since 1977 to promote their culture. The ski slopes of Manali are invaded by adventurous enthusiasts. The best hightlight of the event is beauty contest known as the "Winter Queen" and "Mr. Manali". People prepare folk dance, entertaining skits and many more to make the event more entertaining. Tourist join to visit The Manacle Gompa, Vashisht Springs, Jagatsukh, Manu Temple and Hadimba Temple.come and be a part of it.

Lohri (13th January)

Lohri is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh also as a ceremonial ritual to start up the harvesting of Rabi crop. Lit is also known as Maghu. On this day, people dress vibrantly and enjoy. Children go door to door for collecting funds for community bonfire. People thrown popcorn as the way of offering sacrifice to God so that they get blessed with rich and rich harvest. Lohri celebrate to encourage people to come together and forget all the selfishness.

Chadar: The Frozen River Trek (21st January)

Chadar is famous for by high mountains, alongside Beas River. Get ready for full package trip to Leh this year. Make the smashing days and nights of Chadar with sheets of ice. A bottle of wine with basket of cookies is welcoming you here. Book your seats now as chadar trek will be great experience.

Ride In Snowfall (26th January)

Snow is best ice cream moment while visiting India. Enjoy the snow ride here in shimla with culinary dishes. The event includes sadhupul visit with Dj night, bonfire and camping. Get a chance to see snowfall, river crossing and dancing. Amazing snow fall!

Winter snow package (27th January)

Want to visit Himachal! Want a full package of places! Than pack your bags for achieve love of scents in winters and adore the sight of snow. Visit Shoghi, a sweet tiny place of paradise tucked away, 13 km from shimla. A joy hill slope under thick cover of oak and pine trees to enhance the beauty of town. Shoghi is famous for Ice skating, so take the extra advantage of it. Register today to enjoy the complimentary activities like Commando net, burma bridge, rope walk and Tyre web etc. luxury stays with awesome food is waiting for you!

Yoga in Himalayas (28th January)

Yoga gives a warm relaxation and reach a level of calm state of mind. gets a peaceful and inspiring place in Himalayas famously known as OM ashram in Kangra. Even you will feel the sound of river and birds singing with beautiful sunshine and cool green leaves. Join the team to learn study of Pranayama, mantras’s chanting and meditation. Participants will gain self rejuvenation and healing. Attend the life enriching experience of Yoga.

Did you know?

Himachal Pradesh is filled with mesmerizing features to add imploring essence to the beauty of state. The some key point s of state are:
Animal: Snow leopard (Uncia uncia)
Bird: Western tragopan
Flower: Pink rhododendron
Tree: Deodar cedar