Haryana – The Vedic Land


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A new campaign ‘My Caste Hindustani’ is launched in Haryana state by the Aam Aadmi Party. On 14th May the ‘Kranti March’ was started from Rohtak. It is said by, Naveen Jaihind that Haryana needs positive energy and he wants to create an environment for all including the 36 communities to stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

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Haryana- The Vedic Land

The state has been a cradle of Indian civilization and culture which astonishingly combines both antiquity and plenty. The history of this state is glorified replete with myths, legends and vedic references. Among the most prosperous states of India, it occupies an important place being the state with the highest per capita Income. Presently, it is gaining a world-wide fame because of its rich cultural and agricultural practices.

Satisfy Your Palate With The Delicacies Of Haryana

It’s really going to be a great experience if you are planning to visit this state to taste its rich and traditional dishes. The most highlighting thing that makes this state famous is here people are fond of eating different kinds of rotis. This is the fact due to which Haryana is popularly known as ‘The Land of Rotis’. Each and every dish here has some cultural context in it. Have a look at the list of dishes which includes Kachri Ki Sabji, Singri Ki Sabji, hara Dhania Cholia and many more.


Festivals- Enliven Your Spirit!

The celebrations of Haryana are the symbol of their glorious history and culture. Almost all the festivals here are organized and celebrated with zeal enhancing the feeling of harmony among the different tribes of the state. With high festive spirit tourists around the globe come here and take part in the festivals to live life to the fullest.

Baisakhi Fest – (13th April)

Last month the fervour of Baisakhi was celebrated by the Sikh Community of Haryana with great pomp. In 1699, on this day the tenth Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa. Nagar Kirtans were organized in the Gurdwaras of the state with the sweetened semolina served to the devotees. It marks the relaxing period before the harvesting of corn.

Baisakhi Fest

Nirjala Akadshi (May/June)

For all the women of Haryana state, this festival forms an important part. According to the traditional calendar, it is celebrated in the months of Jaisth. Religious rituals and rites are performed by the women of the state for the welfare and happiness of their family. In addition to this, they keep fast and remain abstained from the water.

Grappling Association of Haryana

The Haryana State Governing Body of Grappling Wrestling Sports in Haryana G.A.H is registered by Government of Haryana. Being affiliated by Haryana Olympic Association and Grappling Federation of India was established to promote wrestling in India. In order to spread the tradition values, it has been popularizing among the masses.


‘Revenge Politics’ – By Haryana’s BJP Government

On 8th May, when the former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has been booked in a land re-allotment case, he stated that it is the cheap tactics of the BJP government. Further speaking ill of BJP that this government has never done anything for the welfare of the people; he tried to prove his side.

Jat Agitation in Haryana

It has been estimated that Jat Agitation has lead to the destruction of 20, 000 Crore. Around 90 officials indulged in the deliberate negligence when violence hit Haryana. Authorities had turned a blind eye to the loot and damage whilst allowing the ‘mayhem’ for hours in some areas.

Folk Culture of the Haryana

Folk Culture of the Haryana

Along with the innumerable list of festivals, the folk dances of Haryana are also known since ages. The spirit of Haryana culture can be seen in the lifestyle of the people there. Among the various dance forms, some of them are Phag Dance, Saang Dance, Chhathi Dance, Khoria Dance and more.

Leading State in Sports

Leading State in Sports

Apart from its culture, the sports activities have made this state stand out from the crowd. The Department of Sports & Youth Affairs manages all the sport events of the state. With a view to foster the qualities of sports among the youth the Department of Sports is initiating many activities and Schemes.

Ghoomar Dance

Ghoomar Dance- Soul stirring Dance Form

Generally performed by the girls of the areas bordering Rajasthan is one of the most popular dance styles that has gained huge popularity worldwide. In the western parts of the Haryana, this is performed to represent the rich cultural heritage of the state. This form is different from others as it is performed in the circular movements by the dancers with clapping and singing. Mainly this is performed on the festivals like Teej, Gangaur Puja.

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For an everlasting experience, plan a trip to Haryana and Learn all about this state which has made it known for years.