Gujarat – ‘The Land Of Legends’


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GUJARAT- ‘The Land Of Legends’

Gujarat is well-known for its cultural heritage, historical significance, handicrafts and lot more things that make this state breathtaking. It is located on the western coast of India. Gujarat is a place with unlimited opportunities to those who wish for growth and development. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, Gujarat has faced tremendous change and is destined to bring glory to the nation. With a motive to make this state stand out from the crowd, efforts have been made to bring qualitative changes in the life of a common man.

Blend of Art and Culture

With the greatest aesthetic appeal, Gujarat is the most popular state in India that you can never miss to visit. There are no words to describe the beauty, culture, and traditions of Gujarat. A touch of its culture can be seen in the lifestyle of people there.

Known for Art & Creativity- Embroidery Work

Known for Art & Creativity- Embroidery Work

In addition to its rich heritage and culture, Gujarat is getting popularity for offering immense embroidery styles. With years of experience, workers are perfect in distributing the colours of Gujarat through their embroidery work. Now not only on clothes, you can have these embroidery designs on your home decor items such as Chaklas, Wall hangings, Pillow covers and more.

Garba Dance- Spiritual Expression of Gujarat

The rich tradition of Gujarat is represented by its music and dance. Though the changing trends are catching the youth faster towards the western and pop music, however, the traditional music and dance form of Gujarat today has the power to lure people across the globe.

Garba Dance

Sense of Excellence in Gujarat

Since many years, the land of Gujarat is leaving impressions of footprints and is inspired by great legends. Numbers of famous personalities have contributed their life in making this land known for years. People have discovered a new meaning of life in the beauty, charm and traditions of Gujarat. No matter, whether we are talking about sun, moon, air and water, there is something special in each and everything that brings a feeling of joy, peace and tranquillity.

Sports and Recreation Activities

Apart from its natural beauty and charm, Gujarat has the power to attract visitors around the globe through its sports and recreational activities. It is offering ample opportunities to the youth of Gujarat to excel their career in Cricket. Well, the Gujarat Cricket Association is trying to bring changes in the society with this powerful game. In addition to this, you can add spark to your life with exciting beach sports that include Skiing, Para gliding, Para sailing, Surfing, Water scooters etc.

Sports and Recreation Activities

Innumerable Tourist Attractions

Gujarat a renowned state is known as a land of romance, charisma, mysticism and vibrant colours. It is in the soil of Gujarat that people get attracted towards this and visit from the different parts of the land here. Engaged in traditional and spiritual experience, there are a number of religious and historical destinations in Gujarat. Places with historical backgrounds with eye-catching beauty and camel rides give you a chance to experience the best time of your life.

Akshardham Temple

This temple is located near Ahmedabad and is dedicated to the father of Swaminarayan Faith. Every year a hoard of visitors from different countries visit this temple to see the unique architecture of this Gujarati temple. The design of the temple is craved with pink sandstones which symbolises the humanity in Gujarat.
The one major act about this temple that makes it popular is that is made of without using any iron rod. Moreover, it was built with the help of 900 craftsmen. After knowing all this, you may be excited to visit this temple that is getting worldwide popularity.


Sabarmati Ashram

Well, among the various top most destinations of Gujarat, this Ashram has occupied an important place in the Indian National movement. Sabarmati Ashram is based on the philosophies and ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi. Visitors visit here to have a glimpse of the marks of an exemplary life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Turn Your Dream Into Reality!

It is not less than a dream for many to visit Gujarat once in their lifetime. Well, if you are the one among them, then don’t waste any more time. Make your journey to Gujarat enjoyable and everlasting memory by visiting its most popular and best landmarks.