Gujarat – ‘The Land Of Legends’


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Save your time and just reach to Ahmadabad from Mumbai within 2 hours. Very soon India will get its first train that will run at a speed of 350 kmph and operating speed of 320 kmph. This is really going to have a thrilling experience for passengers to travel under the sea.

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GUJARAT- ‘The Land Of Legends’

Gujarat is well-known for its cultural heritage, historical significance, handicrafts and lot more things that make this state breathtaking. It is located on the western coast of India. Gujarat is a place with unlimited opportunities to those who wish for growth and development. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, Gujarat has faced tremendous change and is destined to bring glory to the nation. With a motive to make this state stand out from the crowd, efforts have been made to bring qualitative changes in the life of a common man.