Festive April for Seven Sisters of India

Seven Sisters

How are the Seven Sisters of India doing in April 2017? Let’s find out here.

Aoling Festival in Mon, Nagaland (1st-6th April)

In the northernmost tip of India’s northeast state of Nagaland reside the legendary Konyak tribe. Once infamous for their head-hunting warriors, the Konyaks today spend most of their days in the fields. Their now agrarian lives include the occasional bouts of hunting, although there are more evenings with local liquor. But the first week of April sees the tribe celebrate the beginning of their spring and the start of their new year with fervour.

Mopin Festival in Arunachal Pradesh (5th- 6th April)

Mopin Festival in Arunachal Pradesh (5th- 6th April)

The eastern Himalayan tribe of Galo now reside in the eastern fringe state of Arunachal Pradesh celebrate their own harvest festival in the first few days of April. During the two-day long festival, the people celebrate their harvest through their indigenous song and dance. The Galo tribe is largely made up of rice farmers, so expect to be served large helpings of the locally brewed rice beer called ‘apong’, which is an integral part of the lives of many people in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

A rich, orderly Himalayan state has India’s highest suicide rate (5th April)

A rich, orderly Himalayan state has India’s highest suicide rate (5th April)
Stories of drugs and suicide attempts are not ones India associates with the northeastern, landlocked former monarchy of Sikkim, often termed the golden state for its run of progress.
Unfortunately, on 5th April Sikkim has become India’s third-richest state (after Delhi and Chandigarh), by per capita income. Its literacy rate is India’s seventh highest. In 2008, it was declared India’s first open defecation-free state. In 2016, it became the country’s first and only organic state, and it topped a 2016 nationwide survey on states with the best working conditions for women.

Meghalaya celebrates Shad Suk Mynsiem(10th April)

Shad Suk Mynsiem
Hundreds of tribal Khasi men and women on 10th April celebrated the "Shad Suk Mynsiem" (dance of peaceful hearts) across Meghalaya marking the harvest season and also paying obeisance to God.
The dance was performed at the Weiking ground. Young girls wore colourful exotic silk dresses and were decked in ornaments of gold and silver, while the men wore silk dhotis, waist-coats, plumed turbans and ornaments.They danced to the accompaniment of traditional music.

Tripura Central University placed 4th in the list of 11 ''underperforming'' universities (10th April):

Dismal performance of the Tripura University and the National Institute of Technology Agartala (NITA) has upset government as well as student organizations in the state. The National Institutional Ranking Framework of MHRD last week listed Tripura University as fourth in 11 ‘underperforming’ central universities in the last academic year. In the academic index, it registered the 196th rank in 2016-17.

Bihu in Assam (14th - 16th April)

Assam’s most important festival is Rangali Bihu. The three-day festival will start from 14th April. With all Assamese people coming together to celebrate the festival with grandeur. Folk songs and dances take place in full force, particularly the traditional Bihu dance that is performed to the music from ethnic instruments such as the Dhol, Pepa and Taal. There are seven phases to this festival, taking place over the course of three days.

Manipur govt to hold People's Day (15th April)

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has announced that 15th of every month will be set aside as Meeyamgi Numit (People’s Day) to allow the public to meet any minister and government officials including him freely. Addressing a reception organised by women vendors of Khwairamband keithel in Imphal Biren Singh said, “The government set aside this day in order to bring a good relationship and understanding between the government and the public, which is a must to bring all round development in a state.”

Mizoram Govt, HPC-D Peace Talks to be Held on April 21

The fourth round of peace talks between Mizoram government and the Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) militants is scheduled to be held on April 21. The parleys were expected to revolve around giving more autonomy to the Sinlung Hill Development Council and also on the financial aspects including proposals for rehabilitation and resettlement of the HPC (D) militants, after they lay down arms in the event of the agreement being signed.