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What is the vision for Infoindiadirect?

“To be the global platform of choice for reliable and quality information for all things Indian.” Indians can now feel like being in India while living in different parts of the world, while people of other nationalities can now leverage on the information the site has to offer to really understand what makes India tick!

Who is the website audience?

There are more than 50 million overseas Indians and people of Indian origin living around the world. There are even more people who cherish the Indian lifestyle and the culture and beauty the country has to offer from elegant décor, exotic clothing, and rich aromatic food. For Indians living at home or away from home, and people of other nationalities abroad who want to experience a true Indian lifestyle, we bring you an all new platform that brings India to your home, workplace, and more.

How is the information for the website compiled?

Realizing that a large demographic community needs to be served in the United States, UK, Europe, Middle East, and other parts of the world, Infoindiadirect was formed by people who have a passion for the country and everything it has to offer to both people within India and also around the globe. Our local team in India is scattered across the country which creates a unique model for compiling information that is real, timely and really captures the local culture within each region.

Can you tell me more about your team?

What makes us unique is our TEAM! We are proud of how our team has evolved along with the evolution of our site. Our team has unique goals and a passion which revolves around serving our readers and subscribers with quality, sought after and interesting information. The prime ingredients… – A real PASSION for IndiaA HUNGER to gain knowledge combined with a NEED share knowledge – Firsthand KNOWLEDGE of India and the demands for information outside India – EXPERIENCE of doing business and travelling in India and abroad – COMMITTED to achieving the common vision – DETERMINATION to succeed

How can I contact the website administration team?

You may contact the team at the following email address:

Why should I register?

By registering we can send you regular updates when new content is added as well as reminding you of upcoming events. Stay up to date and never miss an event again. We are also in the process of introducing a regular prize draw where all subscribed users will be entered into a monthly draw with a fantastic prize.

If I register, can I later unsubscribe?

Yes, you may choose to unsubscribe at any time either by emailing us at the

Is there a fee for registration and receiving updates?

No, there is no fee. This is a free service we offer our valued subscribers.

I have forgotten my user name or password, what should I do?

You may use the registration section of the website to reset your password. This will send an email to the registered email address which will allow you to reset your password. Alternatively you may email our admin team at

How can I update my registration details?

You may use the registration section of the website to amend your details. Alternatively you may email our admin team at


How often will the website be updated?

The content on the website is being constantly refined and new content added. We have a team committed to making this happen. We also value the views and feedback of our readers and hence we will continue to enhance the content to meet the demands of our readers. How can I be informed of new website additions/updates?Please register on our website to be kept informed of key updates and also for upcoming events.

Can I copy and re-use any of the information on the website?

The majority of the information on our website is created by our team and is for the benefit of our readers. However, copying and re-use of the material is STRICTLY not permitted. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account holders access to the service, or parts of it, if in our responsible view the relevant account holder or account appears to be in breach of any provision of this agreement

How can I report a problem with the website or any of its content? 

Our aim is to provide a first class service at all times. However, if you wish to register a complaint, or simply just send us your views, please contact the Administration team. They will respond to you promptly and keep you informed of the progress of your query. The administration team can be contacted at the following email address: