Yom kippur

    Yom kippur


    October 11, 2016


    Last Year (2016) 11th Oct (evening ) to 12th Oct (evening )
    Present Year (2017) 29th Sep (evening ) to 30th Sep  (evening )
    Next Year (2018) 18th Sep (evening ) to 19th Sep (evening )


    Yom kippur, a day of penance

    It comes after 10 days of Rosh Hashanah.  The main aim to celebrate this fest is for reunion between people and God. In Jewish, this cultic day is not considered to be happy, is for the God’s decision of each human being destiny.

    “To forgive, purify and washed from your sins before GOD”

    Traditional rituals:

    This day is for services, sacrifices and purity and alsofor encouraging Jews not to hurt anyone and forgive everyone for their mistakes. To 3 important things of Yom kippur is Teshuvah, Prayer and Fasting.

    1. Teshuvah

    Teshuvah states that it’s a day to meet People to God. Teshuvah is crucial part and for Introspection and Growth. Basically the word is made by combining Teshuv and hei that collectively mean return to God. As we are human beings and we commit mistakes t every stage of life. As to correct these mistakes, Teshuvah helps us to do so.  It helps to find the roots of mistakes recognize them, deal with them and at the end through them.

    1. Prayer

    On this day songs like Kol Nirde is narrated which says to forgive all mistakes as you (God) made us. Some lines are:

    “For the sin, we have perpetrated under stress;
    For the sin ,we have perpetrated in error;
    For the sin, we have perpetrated in the evil meditations of the heart;
    For the sin, we have perpetrated by word of mouth;
    For the sin, we have perpetrated through abuse of power;
    For the sin ,we have perpetrated by exploitation of neighbours;
    For all these sins, O God of mercy, bear us, pardon us, forgive us!”

    Jews pray intensely in hope to be forgiving and feel God’s presence before the time gets over.

    1. Fasting

    The main aim is to get rid of negative behaviour of our ancestors and to focus on parallel behaviour of goodness. Fasting is done for 25 hours which includes no food or liquid consumption. Children (<9 years) don not fast but others encourage to have fasting. This brings deep serenity and peace to those who keep fasting

    On eve, Jews worship in synagogue. The two people from Ark when opened, take place on to Sifrei Torah and says “in the heaven’s tribunal and earth’s tribunal, we hold it to pray with kindness”