Yom Hashoah

    Yom Hashoah


    April 23, 2017

    Yom Hashoah

    Last Year (2016) 4th May (evening )  to 5th  May(evening )
    Present Year (2017) 23rd April (evening ) to 24th April (evening )
    Next Year (2018) 11thApril (evening ) to 12th April (evening )

    Holocaust and heroism day

    Yom Hashoah full named as Yom Hazikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah(in Israel) and Holocaust Remembrance Day (in English) . its is day to honor the people (6 million) who marched in Holocaust and their families were lost everything, after actions by Nazi Germany.it is known to be nation memorial day for fallen soldiers of Israel which was officially inaugurated by David Ben Gurion (Prime Minister of Israel ) and (President of Israel)  in August 19,1953.  It is also celebrated as Warsaw Ghetto’s uprising anniversary.

    Ceremony: it opens in sundown of Israel held in Warsaw Ghetto Square (at yad vvashem known to be Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes Authority) of Jerusalem. It contains six torches which represents six million Jews who marched. Sometimes, these ceremonies are conducted in memorials of graveyards or Holocaust. On this day, national flag is flown. The prime minister and president give speeches. At 10:00 A.M, a sound is heard through air raid siren and this is indications for 2 minutes pin drop silence for solemn. People mostly stop whatever they are doing and maintain 2 minutes silence. Many programs like songs, drama are held on this day.

    The main liturgies steps to complete this ceremony are

    1. Yahrzeit Candle lightening by each member.
    2. Narrating poems
    3. El Malei Rahamim (memorial prayer related to God)
    4. Mourner’s Kaddish (traditional prayers)

    Tradition March for living:

    March past and ceremonies are under practice in many schools and public community on this day. Also, students hold a memorial march in Auschwitz to  Birkenau (this is a longest concentration camp which was built in the period of WWII) which represents “March of Living”.