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    April 14, 2019

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    Last Year (2015) 15th April
    Present Year (2016) 14th April
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    Vishu is one of the famous Hindu festivals of Kerala, which is primarily celebrated by the Malayalee in Kerala, Udupi and Mangalore district of Karnataka, as the beginning of the New Year and also known as Bisu.

    When It Is Celebrated?

    It is celebrated on the first day of the Malayalam months Medam as per the Malayalam Calendar, which generally falls on the second week of the April month as per the English Georgian Calendar.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    As per the mythology, Vishukanni or Kani-Kanal is the main attraction of the event, which is the first thing seen as waking up in the morning on the Vishu day. The night before festival, the ladies of the house prepares the Kaani. Coconuts, gold or silver ornament, new cloth, fruits, flowers and cereals put together in a big pot. Garland diety of Lord Krishna and mirror is placed together with lighted lamps behind the Pot. At the break of down on the Vishu day, the senior most member of the house sees the Kaani first and then the rest of the member follows. Kids are brought with blind folded eyes from their beds to see the Kaani. The elder member of the family gives money and blessing to the youngsters. As per the mythology the Kaani we see will stays long till the end of the year. In Kerala the Kaani in the temples of Ambalapuzha, Guruvayur , and  Sabarimala are quite famous. On this auspicious occasion special pujas are performed in these temples, where thousands of people gather to worship and pray for the prosperous Happy New Year.

    The families together celebrate the day by burning fire crackers. The feast or the sadya are organized by the females of the house-hold, where the whole family sits together to enjoy the auspicious Vishu lunch together.