May 9, 2016



    Last Year (2015) 21st April
    Present Year (2016) 9th may
    Next Year (2017) 28th April


    Varsitap is also called as Akshay tritiya. Varsitap pama is associated with Tirthankar Rushabha dev who left his home life after division of his kingdom into 100 sons after 83 years of Lakha Purva.  Lord Rushabha dev stated medication with fasting for 6 months. He was known to be first monk who does not prepare food for themselves even though they are hungry. Even though they will accept “ahar” (food), if offered by the people but do not ask directly for it. He went to home to home for food but no one understood the main desire of food. Everyone offered him jewellery, horses, even brides and every precious thing. So, he has to keep fast for 1 year. As in past birth, he had tied a net on cow’s mouth and he gained the sin of starving. Shreyans kumar (his grandson) had great knowledge of past birth (“purva bhava smaran), so he offered him sugarcane juice so that Rishabha Dev broke his fast which was kept from 13 months. The very first “ahar charya” (method to cook and serve food) to monks was created by this day. The day got auspicious as Akshay Tritiya. For the memory and to honour  Tirthankar Rushabha dev, people celebrate Varshitap i.e. fasting of 13 months.


    Celebration: In this period, people undergo fasting on alternate days. There is mela on this day in Hastinapur, Gujrat, Rajasthan, for 10 and more days. This is known as Parana. On this term, soulful bhakti is done. Then pakshal pujan of Bhagwan takes place with sugarcane juice. In temples, they tie raksha potli and tilak and use to do parna on every tapasvi which symbolizes the vision of all devotees to send to heights.  This fest is glorious day in every person’s heart.