FUERTEVENTURA, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 8: Viewers watch from the ground as colorful kites fill the sky at 28th International Kite Festival, November 8, 2015 in Dunes of Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Spain


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    January 14, 2019

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    Last Year (2015)       15 January
    Present Year (2016)       14 January
    Next Year (2017)       14 January


    Uttrayan is the biggest kite festival, which is celebrated mainly in the regions of Gujarat, Telangana and also Rajasthan, which is attended by folks from all over the world. It is the day which marks the transformation of climate from winter to summer. It is renowned as a day which is very imperative for people who are caught up in agriculture as it is the day when the most of the harvest takes place. People celebrate it by flying kites and its preparation start from many months before. It is one of the biggest festivals in India for farmers.

    When Is It Celebrated?

    This festival is observed annually on 14th or 15th January on the auspicious day of makarsakranti. It is an extremely joyful day for farmers in India as it promises an enhanced weather for cultivation. Farmers in India celebrate this day by flying kites on their roofs and their courtyard.  Uttrayan is now also declared as a public holiday in Gujarat so that this festival is enjoyed by every individual freely.  In 2012, it was attended by individuals from 42 different nations.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    The best place to gain and enjoy Uttrayan is at Sabarmati in Gujarat. Many people assemble there, to watch sky filled with colourful kites. This place can accommodate more than 500,000 people. The markets look like colourful and beautiful because of the presence of beautiful kites in a market. The preparation of Uttrayan starts from many months before its commencement. Ahemadabad (A major city in Gujarat State), is the proud host of hosting international kite flying festival. The market is available for customers 24*7. This festival originally started as the means of leisure for kings but almost immediately reached to normal people. The international kite flying event 2012 was inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, himself.

    The various competitions are also organised by people so that people can have friendly competitions with each other. The local delicacy such as Undhiyu and Jalebi is the most well-liked food to be enjoyed by visitors this time.