April 8, 2016


    Last Year (2015) March 21
    Present Year (2016) April 08
    Next Year (2017) March 29


    Ugadi is popularly known as New Year Festival for the  South Indian people in India .It is  celebrated by the different community  by different name Guddi Padva by Marathi , Ugadi by Tamil Yugadi by Kannada . Ugadi means beginning of a new age ,according to rituals Kaliyog which we are living now was started on this day after passing lord Krishna. It is a first day of the Hindu months Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

    When Is It Celebrated?

    It is celebrated in the months of  March and April when the first new moon occurs on the spring equinox .Ugadi is celebrated from next sunrise of the new moon.The nine-day festival of Vasant Navratri also begins from this day in Northern India.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    The Celebration begins with much fervour and people clean their houses, wear new clothes and on the day of Ugadi and put garlands  of raw mango leaves on their doors of houses. They also take a head bath in  before the break of dawn . They also make a special dish called Ugadi Pachadi which is prepared only for this day with six ingredients  like raw neem, mango,jaggery, salt, chilli and tamarind which represent the six various stage of life like happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, bitterness and fear.

    The celebrations end in the evening when people gather at the temples to listen to the religious panchangam or alamanac of the New Year, which is read out by an elder or a learned priest who makes predictions for the whole year based on the position and sign of the moon.

    At night poetry recitation or Kavi Sammelanam which is a traditional  Ugadi feature , in which  people come forward for a literary and folk  feast in the form of Sammelanam , which ends the festival of  Ugadi with many shades and brings a new year with  rich bounce of fills and flora at the hearts of people with joy and Happiness.