Tu B’Shevat

    Tu B'Shevat


    February 10, 2017 12:00 am

    Tu B’Shevat

    Last Year (2016) 24th Jan (evening ) to 25th Jan (evening)
    Present Year (2017) 10th Feb (evening ) to 11th Feb (evening)
    Next Year (2018) 30th Jan (evening ) to 31st Jan (evening)


    Tu B’Shevat / Rosh HaShanah La’Ilanot stands for “New Year of trees”. Earlier known as Ḥamisha Asar Tu B’Shevat .It is enjoyed as ecological awareness day as plants are planted in response. The main aim is to calculate the tree age. As stated in books, Fruits should not be eaten in 3 years(fruit is called as orlah) and the 4th year’s fruit is devoted to God in temple as a tithe, after that one can eat fruit. So planting a tree on this day reminds the age of tree and the year to be remembered and calculated whether fruit got ripened before or after the fest.

    Earlier: Rabbi Ze’ev Yavetz (founder of Mizrachi movement) went with students to plant trees in Zichron Yaakov (the agricultural colonymade in 1908). Then in 20th century, Jewish National Fund observed that planting eucalyptus prevent malaria plague, this thought encouraged the people to celebrate this festival by planting trees.

    Celebrations: it is celebrated by eating 10 fruits feast and 4 cups of wine which represents Shehecheyanu blessings. This states that a blessing and thanking God for making us stable and healthy to reach this special occasion. One main custom of this fest is to eat new fruit or to eat 7 species of fruit called as shivat haninium. They are barey, wheat, figs, olives, dates, grapes and pomegranates. Jews prepare vegartrin pilaf (cooked wheat and barley with toppings of dates, raisins, figs and pomegranate seed. People love to enjoy the meals with family and friends. They also prepare pickle of estrog used in Sukkot ceremony. Children collect money from everyone to plant trees.

    In some regions, it is in a custom to plant tree in happiness of newborn child. Cedar tree is planted for boy child and cypress/pine for a girl child

    Plant tree and participate in the celebration!