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    February 14, 2019

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    Last Year (2016) February 14
    Present Year (2017) February 14
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    As we all are aware of the most popular fest that is commonly known as Valentine’s Day and is a day to show and express your feelings, affection and friendship to your loved ones.  Worldwide this day is celebrated by all to make their dear ones special.  It is the most beautiful time of the year when some people take their loved ones on special dinner or purpose the one they love or get married.  Greeting cards, chocolates and many exciting gifts are given to the partners on the day of Valentine’s Day.

    It’s not only a day of a boy and girl; even the friends can celebrate this day to make their friendship stronger. It is a way to appreciate friends, to remember your dear ones rather than focusing solely on romance.

    In most of the countries, this is not a public holiday.  The concept of Valentine’s was started earlier by the ancient ceremony included putting girls’ names in a box and letting the boys draw them out. Couples would then be paired off until the following year.

    It involves sending cards or messages to those whom one admires. There are many symbols that symbolise the importance of Valentine’s Day are Hearts, the colours red and pink roses, images and statues of cupids. All these things are used by people to make their day special.

    St. Valentine’s Day festival is celebrated in a big way and the popularity of this ancient festival has grown several folds and people are getting influenced by the idea of celebrating love and lovers.

    When it comes to the present generation, then today’s children are taking this event as the most special one which gives them a chance to celebrate February 14 by expressing love for their sweethearts.  Various traditions and customs associated with the festival. Christian Church decided to turn the pagan event into Christian celebrations in honour of St Valentine.