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    December 6, 2021

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    Last Year (2015) Sunday, 6th December
    Present Year (2016) Tuesday, 6th December
    Next Year (2017) Wednesday, 6th December

    What St. Nicholas Day is all about?  Well, in Christianity St Nicholas is one of the few figures that have the power to form a bridge between true discipleship of Christ and a cultural icon that populates the imagination.  In general,   this day is an observance of European which is celebrated in some communities.  This is considered the most important day by the children in the Netherland. It is a festival that starts   on the second Saturday of the month of November when St. Nicholas travels to a city every year and choose a different harbour to arrive in Holland and many children get a chance to see him.

    The reason of celebrating this event is to make people familiar with the man of faith who lived his life in devotion to Christ. Moreover, to let them learn a lot about the true Santa Claus and Father Christmas i.e St. Nicholas.  Not only this, it gives a message of giving rather than receiving. It encourages small treats and family fun and also provides a special festivity early in the waiting weeks of Advent.

    St. Nicholas Day is celebrated at homes, churches and in schools also.    A story behind this festival is to make children learn about the good and keep them away from the bad or evil thoughts.  Children are told to keep the record of their good things they have done throughout the year to give them presents depending upon their actions. Contrary to it, children with bad acts are punished are put in a sack and Zwarte Pieten (Servants of St. Nicholas) take them to Spain for a year to teach them the way to lead a good and happy life. Surprise presents are also given on St. Nicholas’ Day. The presents are often things that the person would find useful with their favourite hobby.