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    May 19, 2019 12:00 am

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    The principal feast of St Joseph Day takes place in the month of March.  He is the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Well, this day is celebrated for honouring the life, the patronage, and the legacy of a specific saint. He is considered the most powerful saint as others either knew Jesus or worshipped him. Only Joseph was his adoptive father. Moreover, he is also the only saint to have two feast days; March 19th for fathers and family and May 1st of workers.  The Italian feast of San Giuseppe (Joseph) is a fun example of the day. It is celebrated as everyone attending the feast has to have to sample at least one dish with bread the symbol of luck, and one dish that have fava beans, the symbol of health. This bean was originally used as animal feed and has alternate informal names “horse beans” and also “pigeon beans”.

    The day of St Joseph has occupied a great importance over years. In New York the celebrations due to the many of Italian descent that honour the traditions of St. Joseph with Holy Mass and prayer and hold strongly to family traditions and recipes. A big favourite is cavazune, which is somewhat like a deep fried filled cookie. Another favourite is the puff pastry filled with ricotta and chocolate, and sometimes just a well-stuffed cream puff.

    St. Joseph’s Day is a Roman Catholic feast day commemorating the life of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. People with strong religious associations Greeting cards with a spiritual focus and a light blessing are used to commemorate St. Joseph’s Day. In the United States, Hallmark offers four St. Joseph’s Day cards.

    Most of the countries worldwide enjoy this day as a national holiday.