St. James the great


    April 30, 2016

    St. James the great


    Last Year (2015) Thursday, April 30
    Present Year (2016) Saturday,  April 30
    Next Year (2017)



    Well, the festival of St. James is celebrated by many people in Spain and around the globe to celebrate the life and deeds of James, who was one of the Jesus’ first disciplines.  On this special day of St James, many events are organised which includes special and religious church services to honour the life of Saint James.  Apart from this, at many places exhibitions of artworks are organised by many talented artists, to grab the attention of people many street shows are performed including bagpipe performances.

    There are the numbers of Churches in the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela which are filled with incense smoke.  It is during this service, many church officials that a large incense burner swings at full speed.

    The title “the Greater” was added to St. James’ name to help distinguish him from the Apostle James “the Less,” who is believed to have been shorter than James “the Greater.” He was the first disciples of Jesus Christ. James spread the Gospel across Israel and the Roman kingdom as well. He travelled and spread the Word for nearly forty years in Spain.

    Saint James the Apostle, known in the church as “The Greater” to distinguish him from the other apostle named James (known as “The Lesser”), is depicted holding, not the instrument of his martyrdom but a pilgrim’s staff. Well, Saint James certainly happened upon a very long journey at the invitation of Jesus that would culminate in his own martyrdom in Jerusalem in the year 44.

    This day is celebrated to remind people about the life of Saint James” The Greater” moreover, it offers an opportunity to the believers to share the light and love of Jesus.