March 24, 2016


    Last Year (2015) 7th March to 20th March
    Present Year (2016) 24th March to 7th April
    Next Year (2017) Need to Confirm



    Shigmo is an annual festival of colors , music ,culture and cuisine or we can say it is a type or carnival festival in which the culture and tradition of Villages of Goa are portrayed by local professional in float parade.It is the major spring festival of Konkani Hindu community in the Goa , which is celebrated in the honour of the welcoming the warriors who lefts theirs friends and families to fight with the invaders at the end of Dussehra.

    When Is It Celebrated?

    The festival is celebrated in the Hindu months of Phalguna according to Georgian Calendar it falls in the months of March and April.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    There are two major variants of Shigmo festival : Vhadlo Shigmo (“Big Shigmo”) and Dhakto Shigmo , Dhakto Shigmo which is generally celebrated in rural area by labour class people whereas Vhadlo shigmo is celebrated by everyone together at the greater consequence.

    Dhakto Shigmo which is six-day festival which begins five days before the full moon of the Hindu’s lunar month of Phalguna which ends on the full moon day, in the rural areas of Goa which were under Portuguese rule . Vhadlo Shigmo is generally celebrated in the Urban areas which begins on the full moon days  and which ends after next five days.

    The ending of Dhakto shigmo and beginning of Vhadlo shigmo know as Rang Panchami which falls on the 5th day of the festival of Shigmo and the people rejoice this day with gulal and colour and on this day Holi is also celebrated across the country which is the festival of colours. People dress up in a festive mood with colourful flags, blowing flutes and beating Drums to get together the people and the floats parade begins which show the jhanki (portrayed the culture of Goa) . They sings and dance on theirs folk songs and these floats parade are taken out at the different locations in Goa.