May 5, 2016

    Last Year Celebrated On 16 May 2015
    Present Year Celebrated On 5 May 2016
    Next Year Will Be Celebrated On Yet to be announced

    Shab-e-Miraj also called night of Ascent. The word Meraj is derived from Arabic word Urooj, which means ascension. It is said that on this blessed night Holy Prophet of Islam was spiritually transported to heaven and was honored with closeness to God Almighty which is not possible for a common man. The Ascent took place on 27th day or Rajab, 2 years before Hijra. According to the Islamic saying, on the way to heaven the Holy Prophet met Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and some other Prophets. It all was done to confirm the highest level of the Prophet of Islam. After having drunk fully at the Divine fountain of spiritual knowledge he came down to impart the knowledge to mankind. This journey was the reason behind the compulsion of five daily prayers for Muslims.


    Why it is celebrated?

    This festival is celebrated to remember the night when almighty Allah took the Prophet Mohammad to the heaven after completing the journey of Mecca to the Jerusalem.


    How it is celebrated?

    The night of Miraj of the Prophet Mohammad is celebrated by the Muslim people with lots of joy and enthusiasm. The day has great significance for Muslims as Almighty Allah will blessed them with wisdom and love. The whole night is spent worshiping God, praying for forgiveness, divine mercy and true love. The festival celebration starts by remembering their God from the very evening and offer Magrib and Isha prayers till the morning. All the believers offers their prayers five times a day. 27th day of the Rajab is celebrated as Meraj means “Grand Eid” to remember the Holy Prophet Muhammad.