Rosh Hashanah or Yom Ha

    Rosh Hashanah


    September 20, 2017

    Rosh Hashanah or Yom Ha- Zikkaraon

    shofar - jewish traditional ram horns for rosh hashana

    Last Year (2016) 2nd Oct (evening ) to 4th Oct (evening )
    Present Year (2017) 20th Sept (evening ) to 22nd  Sept (evening )
    Next Year (2018) 9th Sept (evening ) to 11th  Sept (evening )


    Rosh Hashanah or Yom Ha- Zikkaraon

    It is Jweish New Year and said to be anniversary of Eve and Adam. As the word “Rosh”, (Hebrew word) represents  head and “shanah” states year. It is Jewish New Year and said to be anniversary of Eve and Adam, celebrated on 1st and 2nd say of Tishrei month. It is a time to start introspection and by looking back past mistakes and new plans for future life. It is said to be day of remembrance and emphasizes special link between God and humanity.

    History: it is connected with the economic year beginning in agricultural community of the ancient near East.. The importance is not only to celebrate but to remember, judge and blow Shofar. As said, whole year, god judges the Jews and on this day, God decides whether people deserve to be in the book of life.

    As said it’s a day of remembrance as Jewish community gather in Synagogue and prays for Israel.

    Celebrations: One of the major attraction is hearing the 100 notes of Shofar (ram’s horn) in Synagogue with special prayer book(Machzor). These notes are combination of tekiah which is of 3 seconds, shevarim which is of 3 times 1-seconds, teruah which is short series, staccato notes which is extended for 3 seconds and tekiah gedolah which lasts for minimum 10 seconds. Another main affection is eating apples which were dipped in honey. This represents a sweet new year. It’s taste yummy. Meal also include wine of blessings, Challan(special bread ) represents joy, Pomegranates representing good deeds and head of fish which represents leadership. People having small pieces of breads in their pockets, casting off their sins while walking on the water. People give blessings to one another with the greetings . they say the word “Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim” which mean “May in good year, you score and seal”. Selichot (means Forgiveness) prayers are done with lightening of candles in evening.