Rang Panchami


    March 28, 2016

    Rang Panchami

    Last Year (2015) 11th March
    Present Year (2016) 28th March
    Next Year (2017) 17th March


    Ranga Panchami is the famous Hindu festival celebrated in the central and west India, just after the five days of Holi. It is celebrated in a colorful manner which is marked as throwing gulal (dry color powder) and splashing of colored water.

    The word ‘Rang’ means ‘color’ while ‘Panchami’ means the fifth day, henceforth it is celebrated on the fifth day after the festival of color Holi. According to their rituals, it is the symbolic victory over “raja-tama”, which was the barrier to the spiritual advancement. Maharashtrians celebrats it as “Shimga” or “Shimgo” and is celebrated in their traditional Palkhi dance, which is generally observed by the fishing community people and enjoyed by singing, dancing and merry-making.

    When is it celebrated?

    It is celebrated on the Panchami (5th day) in the dark fort-night of the lunar month of the Hindu calendar months “Phalgun” on the Krishna-paksha , which falls in the months of February and March according to the English Gregorian Calendar.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    The celebrations of festival Rang Panchami are just similar  like Holi, on this day is people  plays colors  with their  families and friends and friends . Hindu devotees of the central India worship God Krishna and Goddess Radha on this auspicious day. Devotees performs pujas to pay homage to their divine unison of Radhe-Krishna.

    It is a joyous festival, full of colors, fun and frolic similar as Holi , but it holds immense religious importance for Hindus. As per their mythology  it is believed that the fire of “Holika-Dahan”, which putrefies all the atmosphere. This festival is associated with Holi but it is not as popular as it is. Rang Panchami is more of a traditional and cultural festival of Maharashtrians and limited to the state of Maharashtra. This festival is more likely associated to the fisherman of rural Marathi culture

    There is another rituals to celebrates Ranga Panchami, and believed that this festival is used to activate the five element (water, sky, earth, light, and wind) of the universe, which is  known as “Panch Tatva”, that help us for restoring the balance of life .


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