Raja Parba


    June 14, 2016

    Last Year (2015) 14th June to 16th June
    Present Year (2016) 14th June to 17th June
    Next Year (2017) 15th June to 18th June

    Raja Parba is a four day long odiya festival which is celebrated in the honors of womanhood and popularly known as maithuna  Sankranti welcoming the monsoons season in the Orissa state. Apart from the womanhood this festival also marks the beginning of the agricultural year.

    When It Is Celebrated?

    The festival mostly falls in the months of mid-June every year and depends upon the condition of the arrival on the monsoon.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    The celebration begins from the first day which is known as “Pahili Raja”, the second day of festival is “Mithuna Sankranti”, “Bhu daaha”  or  “Basi Raja” on third day and the last day is known as “Vasumati snan”. The day before Pahili Raja or first day called preparatory day and on this day the ladies clean theirs houses, grind the stone of the courtyard with turmeric paste, adore the grinded stone with flowers, fruits, and sindoor. Next three days ladies member of the house take rest from all types of work and wear new dress, jewellery and alta (Paint their Nails).Girls play indoor games and enjoy tree swings.

    As per the mythology these three-days of the festival are considered as menstruating period of the Mother Earth. So the ladies are not allowed to do any task during this periods, the our beloved Mother Earth is also given rest. Hence all the agricultural activities remain shut down during these three days. People desist from ploughing, plucking and scratching earth and any other activity that may hurt Mother Earth during her mensuration periods.