Purim “Treat of rejoicing”

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    March 11, 2017

    Purim “Treat of rejoicing”

    Last Year (2016) 23rd  March (evening ) to 24th March (evening )
    Present Year (2017) 11th March(evening ) to 12th March (evening )
    Next Year (2018) 28th February (evening ) to 1st March (evening )


    Purim basically means lots in Persian language. WordAkkadian and is celebrated to commemorate the salvation of Jew saving from Haman (royalty vizier to Ahasuerus King) who were planned to be killed and destroyed.

    History: The time when King Ahasuerus once said to his QueenVashti to dance in front of some guests which she refused to do. In this, she lost her position of Queen. For new queen, King arranged a beauty pageant.  Easter (adopted daughter of Mordecai) was favoured Baby King and he decided to make her the Persia queen, but she hid that she is Jewish. And at that time, Haman appointed as a Prime Minister of Empire by the King. Meanwhile, Haman (King’s evil advisor), told the king that Mordechai is a Jewish and convinced him to kill Mordechai. Then at the end, to save Mordechai, queen Easter revealed her original identity and also dirty plans of Haman. Haman was hanged up by Kinds order and this day was celebrated as the bravery of Mordechai and his daughter.

    The day is joyful, come on Adar (14th of Hebrew month). The full story behind Purim festival is there in the Book of Esther (books in the Ketuvim means Writings in the section of the Bible)

    Celebration: on this day people exchange gifts which is called as mishloach manot, donate charity called as “mattanot la-evyonim”; eat special meal called as “Purim”. Some customs also includes drinking wine, wearing masks and wearing new clothes, read “megillah” and sing prayers. Purim food known as Hamantaschen (3 cornered pastries) is prepared. Children eagerly wait for this day to celebrate with delicious food and wearing new clothes. As people believe that God actively “strings pulling”. To get the God’s care, some do fast to thank God for saving his people.