August 17, 2016


    Last Year (2015) 18th August
    Present Year (2016) 17th August
    Next Year (2017) 18th August


    Pateti, a parsis festival, is celebrated on New Year eve of Zoroastrian calendar with traditional gaiety and wishing every one “Pateti Mubarak” and “Pa neki sepasdar hom az anai khorsand hom”  which means “how much I can thank Godfor the trials and sorrows he awarded us and I accept these happily because my absolution lies in that”.Although this festival is not a new year as from the following day Navroz starts. Basically, Pateti came from Pazend Patet, meaning ‘repentance’. Parsis worship Ahura Mazda which is symbol of fire. They visit agiary and pray for their future lives and happiness.


    On this auspicious day, man wear traditional dress “dagli” and women ress up with traditional  antique gara sarees and visit agiary with their families and friends. Houses are cleaned, Rangoli is made and agarbatis sticks are lit. They prepare lavish foods (Rava prepared from flavoured milk, sugar, suji and prettify with rose petals and nutmeg powder and sev prepared from vermicelli fried in clarified oil or ghee, added sugar syrup and enhance with raisins and almond slivers) with wonderful aroma which increases the incense of house. In non vegetarians foods, people love to prepare Sali-Boti(meat with potato chips) and Patra-Ni-Macchi (fish wrapped in banana leaves), the two main stuffy and aromatic food. Bowl of sweets and rosewater for sweetness and happiness are decorated on a table. In many cities, parsi dramas are also performed which people love to watch on this day. People involve in charitable donations and scattering visitors with rose water as they come to home. Visitors really enjoy while knowing new cultures and their way of celebrations.

    May we all in coming New Year become worthy part of Pateti fest.