April 22, 2016


    Last Year (2015) 3rd  April (evening ) to 11th April (evening )
    Present Year (2016) 22th April (evening ) to 30th April (evening )
    Next Year (2017) 10th April (evening ) to 18th April (evening )


    Passover is an 8 day festival of Jewish, celebrated to honor the release of the Israelites from ancient Egypt’s slavery. The word “Passover” came from the “Pesach” (Hebrew word) and also called as Chag ha-Matzoth means festival of Matzahs and also Zeman Herutenu means Time of freedom.  Feast is perfect for celebration of our Savior.

    Nutshell’s story:

    Egyptian pharaohs time, Israelites were labors and God sent message by mosses to Pharaoh to send people to serve him, but pharaohs refused. Then God destroyed everything and last 10 plagues on Egyptians and he spared the Israel children. They were in hurry that baked bread as provisions didn’t have time to rise and many people left. So at the end god told them to get all the yeast out of their houses for 7 days. The yeast here represents sin. As because of Adam and eve, sin had entered in this world. As God ordered the Israelites to celebrate this with Passover meal, Christians were also ordered by Christ to continue remember his sacrifice.

    Celebration: During this festival, Jews clean their houses and participate in Seder (Hebrew root word), Hag HaMatzah (feast of upraised bread for 7 days), Yom HaBikkurim (day of first fruits). Seder is nt an ordinary meal but contains Kaddesh(blessings of homor), Urechatz (washing of hands), Yachatz(out of 3 matzahs, one is broken), Karpas(vegetables dipped in salt water which represents tears shed in slavery), Maggid (story telling), Rachtaz (second washing of hands), Moti Matzah (blessings), Maror (herbs that are bitter which represents bitterness of salvery), Shulcham orech (supper), Korech (sandwiches), Tzafun (Sweets), Barech (Grace after meal), Hallel (Song), Nirtzah (Complete). On this day, Jews drink wine and do not eat Chametz. In place of chametz, Matzah Lechem oni (Illness bread) is consumed which is cooked with of flour and water.

    Families leave bread bite in their home at hidden places to let children find out and then children search out for that till they throw yeast from house. Then whatever is found is burnt outside, this ceremony is known as Biyur Chametz. This day is considered to be fasting for first born male

    How can you celebrate this Feast?

    First read the Feasts of the Lord and Clean the yeast from your house for seven days and at the end search out a Bible-study.